Favorite 300 Films List The Redux.


280 R.E.D

This was such a good fun movie and malcovich was pure gold in this film. He was the only good part of the sequel. As well.

276 The Missing
I love this movie and normally would be higher but so many likely have not seen this movie to likely for them merit higher then many other movies yet to come.

275 The First Knight

Its kinda a shame Connery retired so we stopped getting new gems from his amazing voice and ways to turn any dialog to an epic speech.

271 Ladyhawke

I really liked some of those 80s fantasy films. Yes i know they may not hold up to cgi standards of today. But some films just appeal to other people and 60s 70s 80s and 90s is most of my pre modern era expert films that i would have seen. But 80s films love because was a kid then i was only 10 in 1988 so hope get my meaning.

270 Batman vs Superman

This did have potential if Justice League would have had a different director from the start. This movie and Wonder Woman laid the groundwork its just the ball was dropped in JL.