Season 6 was pretty weak, but better than season 5. I think the standalone eps like the one with Bryan and Trinity's son save it from being worse than season 5.

Just completed S7. The best the show has been since season 4. Some nice reverse psychology throughout, and interesting arcs for Dexter. I love how they've set him up to become less sympathetic, he's like the Dexter of the old now, except even less forgiving.

Thought the season finale was really good, and the return of Doakes was very welcome. The double act between him and Dext never gets old. Fitting episode title too

I dunno about this
WARNING: "Dexter Season 7 spoilers" spoilers below
Debra shooting LaGuerta thing. It didn't feel like the bombshell it should have. I must say that I have warmed to her a lot more as a character though. Jennifer Carpenter has been splendid, and was arguably the most compelling character in season 6.

I hope the final season at least matches the quality of this last one. I'll be content with that.

Yep. Good start. Current theory...

WARNING: "Dexter, S8 E1" spoilers below
...that Dr. Vogel knows about Dexter because she helped Harry develop the code. And she's gonna go all Bishop in Alien about how much purer Dexter is compared to all the silly people with, you know, an actual moral compass.

Yep. Good start. Current theory...

WARNING: "Dexter, S8 E1" spoilers below
...that Dr. Vogel knows about Dexter because she helped Harry develop the code. And she's gonna go all Bishop in Alien about how much purer Dexter is compared to all the silly people with, you know, an actual moral compass.
Yeh that sounds about right, I haven't seen Alien (I know right?) but I can guess what you mean, kind of reminds me about Rope and the whole superior humans thing. but from the 'this season/next time' preview it certainly looks that way. I'm hoping they can bring in one great serial killer like Trinity for the final season.

The Adventure Starts Here!
Yeah, a lot of those theories seem to jump out at us from the previews of upcoming episodes this season (at the tail end of the episode).

Poor Deb, though, right? I'm finding my sympathies are quickly moving away from Dexter and to Deb. Although she was the one who shot LaGuerta at the end of last season, after Dexter gave her permission to shoot him, she wouldn't have done it if he hadn't been lying to her all his life. She was still using her old model of who Dexter was when she did that...

Well, the whole show's been static since then, not just Deb. Though neither the show nor the character was static last year, obviously. They were in a holding pattern, creatively, until they decided to end it.

Probably gonna watch this show as I hear tons of great comments about it.I just wonder if I am able to shake off Hall's character from Six Feet Under.
"Anything less than immortality is a complete waste of time."

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
I like that theory Yoda, seems to make the most sense.
"A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have."

Suspect's Reviews

So what did you guys make of the seasons second episode? The first ever directed by Michael C. Hall, which is quite surprising considering this is the eight season.

I liked it, but I'm still unsure about a few things, nothing seems 'final' yet and we'll have to wait a few more episodes before the season takes real shape and heads towards an ending, apparently Hannah comes back as well?

WARNING: "Dexter ending" spoilers below
Is it me or does everything so far point towards Vogel being the brain surgeon? If that's a twist then it's far too obvious for me, they might just be making us think that though. I would say either that or Dexter is the killer, but maybe I'm thinking too hard

So I started watching Dexter although I hesitated.
Overall,I enjoy it a lot and I'm hooked like with every TV show that I watch but while other shows interest me mostly in their theme (prison,doctors,spies etc.) this one has just awesome characters,maybe even the best I've seen.Not only Dexter and Deb but even supporting characters are very unique and original.I also love the dark humor and frequent absurd but the idea of the show is quite weird,I am amazed that the creators managed to pull it off.
Btw,I'm in the middle of the second season.

Okay, so, I'm gonna bet approximately $1 billion that Deb blacked out because of whatever's in those drinks her boss keeps making her. Once they make a second appearance you know they matter.

And I'm gonna bet something--though less than $1 billion--that he's tied to Hannah somehow, from last year. Some of you may recall that Deb blacked out then, too, and that I was super-duper convinced that Hannah had done it, and yet it ended up looking like she didn't, even though it made oh-so-much sense. Well, now her boss is making her drinks and she's blacking out again. I'm gonna say there's a connection.

I really enjoy Dexter a lot, and I'd have to say that it's probably my favorite show of all-time with the likes of Scrubs, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, and Weeds. The first season is my favorite, although the fourth season is ultimately the best. Whereas Season Two, Six, and Seven are good, and Three and Five are decent.

The last two episodes have really, really annoyed me. This has honestly been the worst season so far in my opinion, maybe because I know it's the last I am being more negative, but I hate everything about it so far.

Things that are annoying me:

- The brain surgeon. Surely that guy was not the brain surgeon, if he was, that was absolutely ****. If he isn't, they've made it to obvious

- Vogel, annoying stupid woman who is not interesting in anyway at all and just causes **** with her stupid ideas.

- That kid that Dexter is teaching. What the ****? Dexter would never let someone in to his life in that way. Prado and Hannah were far enough but I was willing to accept them, but this is just ridiculous. Plus he's a little **** who in every other line says '****' for some reason.

- No awesome serial killer for the last series. I was hoping for a Brian Moser or Trinity killer or even somebody like Doakes.

- Hannah McKay, boring, weird. Never really liked her and that relationship/triangle with Deb is weird. That bloke she was with was a completely idiotic character.

- Vince's daughter. Is there any point in this or are they just giving Vine a happy ending as he's been a constant character for 8 seasons. Cheers for the good work Vince, here's a daughter. And that bar scene with her **** out was weird.

The only people I really like are Quinn, who I always felt sorry for when Dexter was a dick to him, so I like it when they get on and I hope he ends the 8 seasons on a happy note. And also Dexter's boss, he's alright, although there might be something up with him.

...if he was, that was absolutely ****.

...causes **** with her stupid ideas.

What the ****?

Plus he's a little **** who in every other line says '****' for some reason.
If I had a dollar for every existential crisis I've ever had, does money really even matter?

Yeah, I'm on the fence about the last two episodes.
We're past the half way point and there seems to be far too many sub plots that I have little interest in and no main plot that should of been constant throughout the season. The strengths of seasons 1, 2, 4 and even 3 is that Dexter was constantly involved with his killer/enemy and then it all came to a boil in the final few episodes. I'm anticipating a return of the brain surgeon, but hope it's not just some non interesting student of Vogel's or something, it needs to be a memorable camera that works well against the personality of Dexter, Moser worked because it was personal, season three developed his character in terms of friendship/relationships and such and season four worked because it was once again personal as Dexter attempted to learn from Trinity and attempt to juggle his hobby with his family life.

The only thing personal now is his relationship with Deb, who I don't think is a strong enough character to make me care about Dexter's involvement that much, and his relationship with Hannah, which I never enjoyed that much the last time round.

They've tried to bring in stuff from the first season with Harry and the code but I just don't think that's strong enough either. It's all come out of the sudden and were expected to accept Dexter is just welcoming this stranger (Vogel) into his life, and that even though we haven't heard about her before she is the expert on him, and we're expected to accept Dexter would take on a young boy and train him to be a killer.

I mean I understand the show has never been perfect and certain elements mean that we have to except certain contrived story lines and unrealistic occurrences, but when we're at such an important point in the show it can be frustrating.

Okay, so the last episode I thought was a big improvement on the two before it.

WARNING: "S08E08, Are We There Yet?" spoilers below
I liked the strange 'family of killers' type thing where they all sat on the table, well I am not sure if I liked it, but it all seemed very bizarre and surreal, and I thought that was cool.

On a negative side the ending was incredibly predictable but at least they finally realise the brain surgeon is not dead, it has been obvious all along and it annoys me how stupid they act.

If the brain surgeon is not Vogel then it's that guy Cassie was with, or at least he was the one who killed Cassie, which is a bit strange but okay I guess, although I think it's weird how they've left it so late. Why do I think it's him? Well he didn't identify Zak from the picture and Dexter said Cassie let her killer into her apartment. It would kind of mirror how the killer was subtly introduced into the picture during season 1. But the question is if he is the brain surgeon what connection he has with Vogel.

Also, Cassie's boyfriend looks like Ryan Gosling, a lot.