Where did Richard Linklater say he didn't like the stoned face Dazed poster?


I remember reading somewhere that Richard Linklater didn't like the stoned smiley face poster for Dazed & Confused and preferred a yearbook style poster of the cast. Maybe it was the other way around but I'm pretty sure he didn't like the idea of selling it as just a stoner comedy. Can anyone help me find the source of this?

This book, Chainsaws, Slackers, and Spy Kids: Thirty Years of Filmmaking in Austin, Texas (by Alison Macor), does cover that topic somewhat. Scroll down to the section titled ''Neither Fish Nor Fowl'' on page 175.

...The end of the summer also involved more meetings about the marketing of the movie. The filmmaker didn't completely understand Gramercy's campaign, which pivoted on the idea of pitching Dazed as a ''pro-reefer movie'' and featured a stoned-smiley face on the poster. ''I hated that smiley face,'' says Walker-McBay. ''We had a really cool black light poster that [well-known poster artist] Frank made for us that they wouldn't pay any attention to.'' Not surprisingly, Linklater thought Gramercy was underselling the movie. ''I sensed there was a much bigger market than they were ever attempting to go after. ''To me [the marketing campaign] was just going for the lowest elements of the stupid teen comedy/party movie.''...

That's, of course, Anne Walker-McBay voicing her opinion about the poster - and not Linklater.

Anyway, here's the poster that Linklater got Frank Kozik to design for the premiere (it's the ''yearbook-styled'' one you referred to). On the page below, third from the top.


That's all for now. I'll post any additional info as soon as I get it
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Awesome! Thanks. I know he said it somewhere and some of those lines are word-for-word from the featurette I'm looking for. That poster is the one that comes in the Criterion release and I think that's where I need to look for this quote. I'd like to give that book a read too.