The myth of global warming


Australia has seen 5 of of its 10 hottest days ever this past summer....roads melting, animals dying of heat exhaustion....previously unseen at this level

Will the people saying "fishy" about climate change, slowly turn into the flat earthers group?
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Will the people saying "fishy" about climate change, slowly turn into the flat earthers group?

They already are.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

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I'm about to ask something, and by no means am I well educated in this topic (that's why I'm asking I guess) and this seems like an appropriate thread to ask this question in. Isn't an ozone layer just a bunch of gas around Earth? How can there be a hole in the gas?

And I guess this is a part of global warming topic as well.
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That question would take an answer too long to be suitable for a message board, though its a good conversation to have.

Yes, the ozone is a bunch of gas around Earth, but thanks to a particular category of chemicals that have been released on the ground, the atmosphere and ozone above aren't exactly homogeneous with respect to every location around the planet. The hole is most prevalent over Antarctica.

We have been so bad on the planet that the scientists are debating whether to create a new climate epoch as a result of our activities.

That climate change is real should be beyond debate. There are real effects that are being observed everywhere. Thanks to @hell_storm2004 for stating that there is a difference between weather and climate, even though that should not be needed in a sensible world.

To the people mocking or not understanding about the relation of global warming and extreme cold temperatures, go read about pressure areas and atmosphere and how warming has massive effects on wind, tides, etc, causing extreme cooling.

We are headed towards some massive problems and it's no longer about preventing them but minimising their hazardous impact on us. That we, or rather our children, are going to suffer is inevitable.

However, the only interesting bit is to see how we or the plants and the animals, who will be strong enough to survive this, adapt to those changes. But the fact that this planet is going to get more hostile (that means experiencing substantially cooler weather in some parts through the result of 'global warming') is a certainty.

Re: weather and climate. Blame everyone for that failure to distinguish. SNL literally made a joke this past week about how the fact that the President could speak outdoors in February was apparently evidence of climate change, and a lot of people over the last few years have glibly suggested that hurricanes were worse or more frequent because of it, always in an attempt to turn whatever was happening in the news into a pivot onto climate change.

In other words, it's just people who don't like nuance, wherever they come down on the overall question.

I was just thinking about these climate discussions as I'm currently baking in Texas.

A few years ago I remember several spates of unusually cold weather and people mocked climate change as the reason.

Then there was a memefest about climate vs weather and how a short period of cold weather doesn't mean global warming isn't happening.

Now it's unusually hot and these same people who said you shouldn't mistake weather for climate are the ones who are claiming the current hot weather is due to climate change.


Hottest month ever for the planet in July, right?

Even last year in Dallas was boiling. You only have to look at Europe and see how it's changing. It's going through some severe heat waves for the past three years. But to notice there real difference you might have to visit some of the small islands on the Pacific. They get hit the hardest.