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I've haven't been on the website after someone telling me but the website IMDB has a virus, so for any film fans that go onto it, I'd leave it for a few days.

People are going on, clicking on certain links(film name for example) and their anti virus comes up blocking things.

Anyone had any trouble and so on?

I've heard the same thing but I've used it recently and haven't had any problems. I can't find any articles about it, either. I'm inclined to chalk it up to a few individual people who have viruses, mistakenly attribute it to the site, and the rumor simply spreading from there.

^ Better to be safe than sorry though. I think it was IMDB and not their computers because one who went on got a message come up from IMDB saying sorry about the trouble.

I'm leaving it at least a week because I went through some rubbish because of another website a few months back.

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I happen to like viruses.
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Do not quote me, but it appears as if some new "phone apps" cause false positives with many antivirus programs. Seems plausible to me.
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It's actually not even possible to embed a virus on a site. The most that can be done is that you can click a link and then agree to install something. There are some possible security breaches with things like Flash and the like, but that's not site-specific.

Thanks for the warning. I use it every day and haven't met anything yet. Since you said you would leave it for a few days: is the 'danger' off now, then?