What Is The Most Disturbing Film?


This is such a controversial topic.. I asked some dude in Suncoast what he thought the most disturbing film was and he said the OLD version of The Last House On The Left. I bought it, watched it, and was thoroughly unimpressed.

In my opinion, the Human Centipede Part 1 is... uggghhh. Not even going to watch Part 2. And Splice. Splice is pretty freaky. The most disturbing film though? That's a toughy. But, I'd have to say the old AND new I Spit on Your Grave.

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The DeerHunter always affects me.

every time, and i know its coming, doesn't matter.
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Yeah, The Deer Hunter. That russian roulette scene is excruciatingly believable.
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I would say Begotten. It makes Eraserhead look like Bambi. Talk about one hell of an acid trap.
Oo yes nice call. Begotten I found extremely disturbing, especially the section with 'God':


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Yeah, The Deer Hunter. That russian roulette scene is excruciatingly believable.
that as well, but the early POW scenes are wrenching.

I would have to say for me it would be 'A Serbian Film', because it presents a study of a sickness that presides within many people today and it is getting worse.

I got two movies on my mind.. A clockwork Orange and Blair Witch Project. A clockwork orange bacause it is one movie full of disturbing scenes and the way you sort of feel sorry for 'Alex' is just horrible since he doesn't deserve pity.
Blair Witch Project.. Fantastic movie.. But it's so creepy..

I just finished watching August Underground Mordum...goriest film ever,i feel sick a little after watching,especially one scene...very low budget movie,and camera,cinematography,camera work is maybe the worst i ever seen,but it only made this movie look so realistic,whole time i had a feeling that im watching real scenes...very disturbing,Human Centipede is a movie to relax after watching Mordum...omg!

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I say The Girl Next Door -Jack Ketchum. It's based on a true story about child abuse and it's sickening what the woman did to these two young girls. heartbreaking and very disturbing
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I have to agree with the Girl next door, after I saw that I felt so crap for sitting all the way through and watching what they did to that poor girl. Also A Serbian Film, that was just sickening. I read up on it how the director said it was an allegory for what happened to the people of Serbia by the government but all I saw was sexual violence towards women and children. And I don't think films should get banned but kind of glad the store I work at decided not to sell it.
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SalÚ, or the 120 Days of Sodom. after seeing that movie, whenever I hear Italian or speak it, I see a woman in a dress telling dirty stories. I pushed myself through that movie and I'm still ...erm thankful for the inspiration for my dreams.
Philosophy of a Knife and Cannibal Holocaust were as creepy and disturbing.
...now I know why I've no fear of blood and other common phobias. I've overcome these by not blinking while watching these lurid masterpieces hehe
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I would have to say I Spit On Your Grave (only watched the remake) and the Saw series. New to the site. Glad to be here.

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Not many movies disturb me really...until I finally saw The Silence of the Lambs. It's mostly because there are people like Buffalo Bill out there in the world. *shudder*

The Shining. Kubrick's imagery and cold, distanced style horrify me on a psychological level.
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I don't know if I agree with bored stupid but I don't think there is anything disturbing about The Shining, it is a good movie and has some tense moments but I have to say it's far from disturbing.