Scary 80ís movie with talking bear?


I remember a bear talking to a child and then they call a woman and ask her to dance topless in front of her window or else they will kill her niece? Thatís all I remember.

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I wonder if this movie was supposed to be scary, or you just saw it as a child and found it scary.

Was it live action or some sort of animation? If animation, what sort of animation? If it was live action, how was the effect of the bear achieved? Can you remember if the child the bear talked to was a boy or a girl?

What language was the film in? What sort of clothing did the characters wear--what period of history? What culture? Was the setting a city, mostly farmland, or mostly wilderness? If wilderness, what sort of wilderness (Forest, desert, what?) Again what was the period and culture of the building that had this window?

Anything else about the appearance of the characters?

Tales From the Darkside: Ursa Minor

or Dolls (1987)
Oh my god. They're trying to claim another young victim with the foreign films.

This is definately "The Pit" from 1981. A canadian film about a problem child.