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Mustang (2013)

Kinda like a Turkish version of The Virgin Suicides although not quite as good. Worth a watch though.

Pertinent comparison
I like these both movies.

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Anybody's Woman (Dorothy Arzner, 1930)
Delightful use of the title imo

Big Game (Jalmari Helander, 2014)

It's no Rare Exports
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Glad you enjoyed. What did you think of my over-analysed theory?

WARNING: "major spoilers" spoilers below
what if...................... more or less the entire film is just Connie wrestling with his inner demons? The entire robbery and aftermath is just a rouse to show us how he is completely at odds with the therapy his brother is undergoing, as he disapproves of it - but ultimately knows it is the best solution.

1) The analogy of taking the wrong person out of care when he escapes from the hospital ("I thought my brother was someone else") 2) The constant shots of the tv newscaster - representing his guilt at the situation 3) The guy he took out of care (Ray?) falling to his death at the end - showing that this is what will happen to his brother if he takes him out of care. 4) At the end we hear the therapist say "Your brother has been "responsible" by making this decision". But going to jail wouldn't be responsible would it, and lets face it, Nick would have been in the slammer with him if it had been real (does a jury really believe that Nick wasn't the other guy holding up the bank?). How is he even "responsible" as a guardian when in prison? 5) The reference to acid. Is this all a trip?

So does all this point to the fact we are seeing Connie coming to this conscious but tough decision of sending his brother to care? Is it all in his mind? Did any of it take place?
Honestly i considered the exact same thing, i didn't think it out as much as you the main thing that made me consider it is:

WARNING: "Good Time" spoilers below
The "Your brother has been responsible by making this decision" and also the "your brother is in the right place (or your brother is in the place he should be something like that) and so are you", i think they were quite obviously trying to avoid mentioning he was in jail because he wasn't. Suppose it could be explained by them not wanting to upset Nick but then i think Nick would have mentioned his horrible experience in jail and him not wanting that for Connie if this actually all happened, it all seemed too carefully worded to me. I took it as Connie had a breakdown over this and has went to sort himself out while accepting the treatment for Nick.

Will need to digest it more and i'll end up watching it again early next year with these things in mind. Great film anyway, Pattinson was fantastic didn't think he had it in him, loved the soundtrack too.

Zoolander 2

Well, i am half way thtouhgh but I think its safe to say its disposable as hell. Pretty bad but dont hate it.

Fernando Di Leo's Il Boss (1973) blew me away; this is easily the best poliziotteschi film I've come across yet. This is the first of the three films that make up Di Leo's "Milieu Trilogy" that I watched; I plan on hitting up The Italian Connection (1972) next. Film Noir freaks and fans of The Godfather (1972) should get a kick of seeing Richard Conte (Don Barzini) in the role of Mafia boss Don Corrasco.


Good stuff.
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Radio Days

So glad i rewatched this, really great Allen. Hilarious and proof that he has a talent for great nostalgic looks at the past both in time and technology, something you'd deny after seeming something like Cafe Society.


Eh, was looking forward to this but i thought it was just okay. Was beautiful visually at times but i thought it was a pretty dull drama Haley Lu Richardson was good but not enough to elevate this for me, one of those quiet, forgettable indie dramas. Read comparisons to Linklater particularly the Before films in a bunch of places, i can see where they are coming from since this is largely characters walking around and talking but to me at least this was nowhere near as interesting or heartfelt as those films. Not a bad film and i think there'll be some fans here but i didn't get much out of it.

After Tomorrow (Frank Borzage, 1932)
Goes a step beyond 'Annie'

After Tomorrow (Emma Sullivan, 2009)
Short but reasonably sweet

The Grand Seduction (2013)

I'm surprised that someone here watched that film (and also that it received a good rating). We had to suffer through a lot of incredibly boring-looking promotional material for that film for a long time leading up to its release. Anything filmed locally tends to get a lot of press anyway, but since the film is actually set in Newfoundland, that really amplified the amount of coverage it received haha.

Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974) by Jacques Rivette

if you have anything to say about this please head over to this thread https://www.movieforums.com/communit...98#post1836198

were focusing on french new wave and would love to hear any thoughts you have,
Oh, not this again. This is for people who actually watch movies.

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Transformers: The Last Knight -

If you take a drink every time the aspect ratio changes between fullscreen and widescreen, you will be dead by the 90-minute mark.

(still the best in the franchise, though)
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Very good but I felt the brutality of it went on too long, it was just harrowing and I struggled to make it through.. also totally irrelevant to anything happening today, rather how far we have come, don't start a ****ing riot.


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Pattinson was fantastic didn't think he had it in him
After seeing his performance in The Rover I knew the guy could seriously act. Very talented.

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Mustang (2013)

Kinda like a Turkish version of The Virgin Suicides although not quite as good. Worth a watch though.

I enjoyed it but not as much as some. It was a bit overhyped in certain quarters.