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I don't think Mr. Falawein is safe now, TWT. What the hell was this thread about again?
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Holy crap Mfalkawein, yes I know where monaca is. It's less than five minutes away from me. I live in New Brighton. I've been skating like 3 years and never been to shady skates, but I go to b-cubed above the airport ice arena a lot.
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That's unbelieveable! I do know where New Brighton is. I don't really like Monaca or Beaver County, so far I haven't seen many people to skate with. I've been skating for just under 10 years. Are you any good?. I just recently landed a hardflip on a 6 stair, I was hesitant to try it after I injured my knee from that same trick. I've skated in New Brighton once, there wasn't much to skate there, though I did like this little drop by a shop called Pizza Joe's, I'm sure you know where that is. There isn't much to grind though.

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Yeah, he video taped me on that. And your right, there's nowhere to skate in the big NB (word up). I go to Shady Skates fairly often, and I go to b-cubed a lot. I'm also actually on a paintball team (sort of) with my friend Adam.

i'd say:

fustrated (sexually)
muff head (unfortunate huge hair)

I'n NOWHERE even close to how good you are. Hardfliping a 6 stair wow. The best I've ever done is kickfliping a 4. Whats your name?

My name's Mike, you know my last name. How long have you lived in "the big NB"? I'm guessing that's New Brighton?

Any of you skater folk ever make the trip to Love? (I know that's a bit of a cliched question, but I went there once)
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I don't know, I've lived here forever, years and years. With my mom I live in chippewa, therers even less to skate there, but my friend has a nice rail, lowbox and minipipe. Yeah there really isn't much to skate or many people that do around here (must suck for you coming from cali). beaver is good to skate and there are a few good skaters around. Ever heard of nathan kurtis, or nick matlock or harley (i dont know his last name, i only know him as "harley")?

Love park? Never been here but i might go this summer with my friends during the x games

Either of you ever skated in any other spots on the East Coast, particularily NY or DC?

A rail, low box and mini pipe? holy crap! Anyway, nope I don't know any of those people, I really just moved here recently. Yeah there were loads of skaters/spots to skate where I came, I came from a small town by LA. I'll have to check out Beaver sometime. And, no, Steve. Never skated on the east coast (unless you consider PA east coast). That's pretty cool that, Jeremy aka "TWTAdmirerFromAfar" is also from Cali, Van Nuys apparently. Is he any good (at blading)?

But doesn't it have to be actually on the coast to be on the coast? I mean doesn't it have to have like a beach with an ocean?

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Most people consider Pennsylvania a "mid-Atlantic" state, not technically east coast.

But, if you meant, is it east coast rather than west coast, yes, it's obviously better categorized as east coast.

Oh, four words to describe me (and to get back on topic)?

"President, Nitpickers 'R' Us"


"Proofreader to the Starz"


....never mind.

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