The 29th Hall of Fame


It's time to have some fun
She left in the middle of a Hall of Fame a couple years ago. I wonder if she's doing the same thing again.
MovieGal is one of my best friends here and I know she has left MoFo for long periods and then returned. I hope she returns...and I hope to be able to vote for her movie which I really liked.

11 Foreign Language movies to go
I've had a recent message from MovieGal saying she's withdrawn from this Hall of Fame - I'll let her discuss her reasons, and not just reveal the contents of her PM in public.

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My movie ratings often go up or down a point or two after more reflection, research and rewatches.

Latest Review : Paper Moon (1973)

11 Foreign Language movies to go
It's cool, we'll miss MovieGal...and her movie would've been towards the top of my ballot.

Is everyone else still in???
I'm still in. I'm happy I got the opportunity to see Adam's Apples, and I'm going to look up and watch Anders Thomas Jensen's other films.

That's too bad about MovieGal. I just hope everything is okay.
I'm still in. I hope to have my Anomalisa writeup ready sometime next week.