2019 Short Films

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I'm starting a project. I never keep up with projects.

I'm going to try to keep up with as many 2019 shorts as I can. If it's on imdb and it's under 45 minutes and the year as listed as 2019, it's eligible for my list.

My watchlist is pretty short right now, so I'll be glad to take recommendations.

Top Short Films of 2019:

1. The Katy Universe
2. Kitbull

Kitbull directed by Rosana Sullivan

This is part of the Pixar SparkShorts initiative that I am very much looking forward to following. The thing that stands out immediately is that for something under the Pixar banner, the animation looks very traditional. It looks sweet, not in the bro sense of the word, which fits nicely. However, the background being still and feeling like a backdrop was a little distracting at times. I understand the money and time situation these films are made under, but this was still a noticeable negative for me. I am also not buckled and bawling like all of the YouTube comments suggest I should be, but I seem to be the only person who sees this as saying "Hey, man, white people aren't that bad". Which in itself is a brave thing to publicly say in the movie industry in today's political climate. Feel free to tell me I am wrong about this interpretation. Pit bulls have a reputation for being dangerous and mean. White people get sh*t on a lot nowadays. The pit bull is white. The kitten is black. The kitten is afraid of the pit bull at first. The kitten gets to know the pit bull. Oh wait, the pit bull isn't bad after all. The final scene show an interracial couple have adopted the two animals. A woman of color with a white man and white dog and a black cat. It obviously doesn't have to be about white and black though, it's also your typical "don't judge a book by its cover" story we've all seen a hundred million billion trillion times. It's a fine film that doesn't hit too hard, but it's sweet and that's good enough.

The Katy Universe directed by Patrick Muhlberger

Today's young people have way more than any other time in the history of the Earth, but we aren't happy. We think we know everything, yet we still can't figure our lives out. We have existential crises all the time. I am just speaking from my own perception, which might not be accurate, but that's the way it seems to me. This movie pretty much nails that feeling. We have this young woman going through a drunken and drug-addled crisis about her life and her position in the universe. She decides that nothing means anything if we don't matter in the grand scheme of things. It almost started to lose me at that point; I was very worried it was going to lean into that and actually mean it. Thankfully it was only part of this poor girl's little breakdown. I think the actress did a fine job, but the film itself wasn't laugh out loud funny. Some of the physical stuff with the security guards just felt out of place and interrupted what felt like a more mature film for its silly immature humor. Immature humor is not itself a bad thing, but it doesn't work in this short. The line: "I've put so much energy into getting health insurance" was the funniest part, and it got a legitimate laugh out of me. The camera work is pretty solid for what it is, nothing that will knock your socks off, but it shows signs of promise. The good is better than the bad is bad.

Purl (2019)

Would have been a million times better if it was more thoughtful in its approach on how to depict the men. But instead we just get a bunch of lazy stereotypes of white, bro-culture, toxic masculinity, douchey white businessmen. The ending of the film is pretty accurate, but the beginning of the film would have made sense if it took place a long time ago. But instead, we have to pretend like (white) men just don't know how to properly include anybody in their groups. This would have been more interesting if it wasn't so one-sided.