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Murdering teens in the sewers


I think it was set in Paris. A group of teens hung out in the sewers. I think some tourists ran into them and were killed. The only concrete thing I remember is the last scene. A woman was crawling out of the sewer in the side of a hill. It looks like she escapes. But then she is dragged back inside.

The description of the final scene made me think of the closing stages of Ils [Them], set in Romania not France though and probably not what you are looking for anyway but might as well throw it out here just in case.
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Sounds like the movie "Them".

Does not look like Catacombs. The last scene in that one, she survives. But the scene I am thinking of could be in the middle of the movie.

It does sound like "Them". The scene at 1:30 looks like what I an thinking of. I have to find a place to watch it before I mark as answered.

Found it on Vudu. Yes, "Them" has to be the one I am thinking of. Thanks all.