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I have been doing some more mock drafts for my other league - we draft tomorrow night - and they still have Dobbins in the same slot on the board. Though his status has changed to OUT and his numbers are projected as zero.
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Yeah, they tend to take 2 or 3 days before they really update. That's Yahoo. They still got a pretty good system for how relatively free it's been all these years.
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If I'd known that I was going to land Diggs and AJ Brown, I would've rolled the dice with Saquon, but nothing I've read this offseason made me feel good about spending a first-round pick on him. Of course, now that @Yoda drafted him, it's a guaranteed certainty that Saquon will finish as the #1 RB, and I'll be kicking myself the rest of the season for passing over him.

In mocks I typically nab Najee Harris or Antonio Gibson in the 2nd round, with Dobbins and Carson sometimes falling to me in the third, but mocks suck because they fill you with false expectations. I had no intention of employing a zero RB strategy. Yet there I was, drafting Darrell Henderson Jr. as my RB1 in the fifth round, assuring myself, "This is fine," as everything around me burns.

Obviously I love my WR trio. Tyreek Hill has shown that he can post 40 fantasy points in just the first quarter. Diggs is a good bet to lead the league in receptions again. AJ Brown has been a stud his first two seasons (#11 overall WR last season), and traditionally WRs make their biggest leap in year 3. I know some think that the addition of Julio will hurt Brown's production, but the Titans lost Corey Davis, Adam Humphries and Jonnu Smith, so there's plenty of fresh targets up for grabs this season. With everyone else going RB heavy, that meant great WRs fell. I had to talk myself out of drafting CeeDee Lamb in the 4th. (In hindsight, drafting Lamb might've been the smartest choice, since I could then flip Tyreek or Diggs for one of those 2nd round RBs and have a more balanced team.)

I probably reached a round or two early for Hockenson, but I'm targeting him heavy in leagues this year. He finished as the #4 TE last year, but there was a huge gap in production between him and Kelce/Waller. I don't expect him to surpass those guys, but I think he flirts with their tier. It won't surprise me if Hockenson eclipses 100 receptions this season. Who else is going to catch passes for the Lions?

QBs always go faster in real drafts than in mocks, so I knew that I'd probably end up with Tannehill unless one of the young, mobile QBs fell into my lap. Apparently I was the last to grab a starting QB, and I prefer Tannehill to some of the guys who went ahead of him. He was the #8 QB last season, and he was a huge boon to my team two seasons ago when Yoda randomly dropped him late in the season when I was struggling with the corpse of Phillip Rivers, so I'm happy that the rest of the fantasy community continues to sleep on Tannehill's efficient, consistent production.

But man, my RBs . . .

I was extremely happy that I landed Trey Sermon, at least. I currently have 7 RBs on my team, and Sermon is the only dude who I feel has true upside. Kyle Shanahan always gets the most out of his RBs, and if the injury-prone Mostert goes down, Sermon would likely flirt with RB1 production. Hopefully he's utilized quite a bit even while Mostert is healthy. Damien Harris should have a decent weekly floor, but I don't see much upside. And who the hell knows what I'm getting with Henderson. After Akers was lost for the season, I knew that I'd be targeting Henderson at his friendly ADP, but the recent acquisition of Sony Michel complicates matters. I drafted Michel as a "just in case," but my biggest fear is that they evenly split carries, rendering both essentially useless.

McCaffrey and James Conner were busts for me last season, yet I managed to survive by playing match-ups and nabbing a few one-week wonders off the wire. I'll probably be relying on that "strategy" this year as well because I have no faith in my RBs. I also hate that I passed over so many WRs I like in the mid-to-late rounds because I felt like I had to chase RBs for the rest of the draft.

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I love how I set the back half of the draft to auto, and instead of getting me any RB depth at all, the thing picks me two defenses, 2 kickers, and a THIRD QB.

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If I'd known that I was going to land Diggs and AJ Brown, I would've rolled the dice with Saquon, but nothing I've read this offseason made me feel good about spending a first-round pick on him. Of course, now that @Yoda drafted him, it's a guaranteed certainty that Saquon will finish as the #1 RB, and I'll be kicking myself the rest of the season for passing over him.
Heh. Yeahhh...I share your concerns, to be blunt. But at #10 I think I have to roll those dice. I think I'd have felt slightly better about getting Adams there, but this is the kind of thing you have to live with in that slot.

I also hate that I passed over so many WRs I like in the mid-to-late rounds because I felt like I had to chase RBs for the rest of the draft.
Yeah, this is probably the #1 thing I learn from whatever mocks I end up doing each year: which skill position I end up having "too much of" even though good players there keep falling late in the draft. That was definitely WR this year, and it contributed to the Barkley pick. The last couple mocks I did convinced me that I had to put my thumb on the scale for RB in some of those first 4-5 rounds. Still ended up going more receiver-heavy than I wanted, but so it goes.

Couldn't sleep last night. At 3:00am EST Yahoo removed Dobbins and ascended Gus Edwards. Gus became the 38th overall pick and the 18th highest rated RB.

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I also join the relying-too-much-on-pass-catchers club. Plenty of depth at WR, and an alleged top 2 TE, countered by a dearth of RB talent and 3 ****ty QBs...

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I’m actually pretty high on my team. Forget what yahoo says. Carson is capable of scoring 15-20 on average and Jones should be a tad higher. I literally had an internal debate with myself over picking Gordon or Adams. Adams is the heir apparent, but in the end, I went with the proven veteran. I’ll be keeping an eye on this tandem to see what happens. Ingram should be the starter in Houston, as Johnson has reportedly fallen out of favor. The only concern here is if he can fight off Lindsay, who may have more upside. For now, Ingram was my late draft pick.

My WR is significantly better then last years. Allen, Kupp, and Higgins should make up a decent trio. Jones Jr came on strong late last year, and I’m hoping a change of teams will help increase his production. Early word has been favorable. Likewise, Smith, one of two rookies I grabbed, has also generated some buzz and should be decent. I don’t expect him to be great early, but if he lives up to his promise, he could be decent trade bait.

QB I ended up with Brady as my starter, and I wasn’t aiming to, as I had my sights set on Tannehill, but I also remember Brady regularly putting up ridiculous numbers once he got comfortable with the offense. Had Tannehill falling any lower, I’d have grabbed him, but instead grabbed Burrows after much debate. And I mean a lot of debate. It came down to the final seconds before I pulled the trigger. Probably should have grabbed Mayfield here, but oh well. If he can remain healthy, and with that horrendous o-line that’s a big if, he could put up decent numbers. Lance was my late pick, a third QB who could become a starter pretty quickly if Garoppolo struggles.

Usually don’t grab a third QB but maybe I’ll get lucky and one of them will succeed and become trade bait. Who knows?

Lots to like, a few gambles but none I wagered any high picks on really.

Can’t wait to begin guys.

I like my team, too. If I can avoid the catastrophic injury bug this year The LOVE Brokers should be competitive. Ninth was a tough damn draw. Had my other league's draft last night and am even happier with that team (The Blutarskies). I was tenth out of ten, there. Not getting one of those top six bigtime backs is a definite disadvantage, but I think I had a good strategy to get a deep, balanced team. In that league we start a QB, three WRs, two RBs, a TE, and two W/R/T FLEX spots. And we play full PPR. Big teams, big scores.

The only overlapping players I have on both squads are Davante Adams and Curtis Samuel.

Not to upset with who I landed but it feels like a middle of the road team, barring injuries. Biggest gamble is probably Najee Harris. I really don't like drafting rookies but it came down to him or Eckler and the coin landed on heads. Drafting 12 you tend to do some reaching and for the most part I got what I wanted and didn't really start reaching until round 7 picking up a potential injury replacement that I hope to never have to use.

All the mocks I did had Kelce dropping to 12 except one. If he had still been available I probably would have snagged him and felt okay but in today's NFL the RB pool just isn't that deep so it's a position I always like to target early. Was glad to see Adams, Hill and Kelce gone before my first two picks. Made things a little easier.

Feel good about my QB even though he probably isn't going to be as good as last year. I think Woods has some really good upside as a no. 1 receiver this year with Stafford throwing him the bean but after that I think I'll be relying on TD's for points. Wr's are again the weak spot on my team.

Tevin Coleman will be the first to be cut. That was a wasted pick. He's one of them guys who helped me out years ago and since then has always ended up on my team. He's like Bobby Bonilla - just can't get rid of him.

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Well, I did not see this coming, but The Pats just released Cam Newton...

It's the Mac Jones show moving forward!

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Yeah, pretty much exactly what I was gonna say.
I am guessing Cam didn't like the direction things were going, started in with the attitude, and Bill doesn't play that.

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Wonder if Houston would make a run at him? Watson status is up in the air with his legal troubles, and the fact he also wants out to begin with.

Yeah, that could be. Maybe money-saving, too. I think he's the kinda guy who needs buy-in to let the personnel and their abilities dictate the plan (for which he's obviously got a great track record), and you're more likely to get that from a young, moldable QB than basically any veteran, nevermind one like Newton.