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I'm ordering the list now and sending it in the next 10 minutes haha!
I just sent mine too! haha
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Alright, done for the night. Will bring my laptop to work tomorrow to finish off the rest and see who else submits.

The amount of love for Paul Blart is scary.
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Thanks for literally sending me your list in Japanese.
Not true. Some titles are in Chinese and Korean.
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That's wonderful, Johnny!
I narrowed my list down to only 25. Now I just have to figure out the order. I should be able to submit my list in a little while.
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Setsuko Hara is my co-pilot
Sent the same list in English.

Hell, I could've swapped number one for Charlie's Angels and you wouldn't even notice but then again why would I want to monkey honeykid.

That's wonderful, Johnny!
My list is finally done and sent.

This was by far the hardest list to do because the previous lists were done as my favorite movies, but I felt like this list should be movies that "deserved" to be on an all-time list, while still remaining as a list of my favorite movies, so I had to find the best movies that fit both categories. (Although there were a few favorite movies that I love so much that I had to include them, even though they're more guilty pleasures than best of all-time.)

I basically had to work backwards to finalize my list. I narrowed it down to a list of about 50 movies that I felt would be on both a list of my favorite movies, and a list of the best movies, and then I systematically removed movies that I could find a reason to remove.

I had to remove some movies that probably deserved to be on my list more than some that actually made my final list, but at least I think I'm happy with my final list. Maybe.

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Still tweaking my list. Will submit very soon!
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Looking forward to seeing the results of this. Hopefully, a decent portion of my picks will make it on the final list. I expect some will.

On a side note, in regards to Mall Cop, I thought it was alright.

On a side note, in regards to Mall Cop, I thought it was alright.
My sister, for whatever reason, once called that (intentionally) "Paul Blart Mall Blart" and it really stuck with me.