The Job Hunt - My Short Film - Out Now

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A documentary-style comedy that follows the journey of a young Welshman as he attempts to find employment.

"The Job Hunt" is a 2016 short film, shot in Pembrokeshire, Wales, in a documentary-style format. The film follows the trials and tribulations of Callum, an unemployed 19 year old seeking to better himself and with the help of a documentary crew, finally get a job.

Written and Directed by Daniel Metcalf
Cinematography and Editing by Sam Thomas
Starring Callum Metcalf, Jacob Arnold and John Cuffe
With Sarah Perry, Sophie Brookes, David Thomas and Jason Rogers

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Looking at your CV, all I knew is that you failed all of your GCSEs and you like football, not exactly a dream candidate are you?
*mumble, mumble* -**** like that. I thought you were supposed to be helpin' me. What do you expect me to do?
Not suck?
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"Well, at least your intentions behind the UTTERLY DEVASTATING FAULTS IN YOUR LOGIC are good." - Captain Steel

Thanks for the kind comments so far everyone, really looking forward to hearing the thoughts of those who said they plan to watch it, please be sure to leave your thoughts

Dan you should put it on YouTube too, unless youre gonna try and sell it.
I was tempted to put it on YouTube because it's certainly the best platform in terms of popularity and functionality when it comes to things like embedding, but Vimeo is a more professional platform which will probably appeal to more film makers and that type of folk. Embeds nicely in to the forum anyway (thanks Yoda) and the plus account lets me embed properly on Facebook too. On Facebook I was tempted to upload the whole thing there seeing as videos uploaded directly get a lot of views, but decided against it in the end.

tl;dr - I like YouTube but Vimeo was first choice an I'm not sure what benefit I'll get from having it on YT

Did you guys end up watching it then? If so, any thoughts?
Allrighty, I have a few

First off your camera angles were spot-on. You knew what type of shot to lay out for the end effect, and thats important. To keep it from being a long 20 minutes it would be important to incorporate some light sound, mood music, NOT canned laughter or such.

Also to make it come off completely as a documentary, the immersion is what you need to make it work, dont-use-lines. Use keypoints and everything will flow off the tongue more naturally, and it wont be obvious theyre waiting for the others to finish their lines. It also opens up doors for unscripted organic happenings which could make final cut.

The best actor you had in the entire production was the older interviewer at the end, the one that wanted Callum to sell him a bag. Dude it was a great first effort.

Did you guys end up watching it then? If so, any thoughts?
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Elitist Snob was the best actor by far. Nicest way I could say a lot of the dialog was cringey.

Obviously a comedy, though well outside of my personal sphere of what I consider amusing. Beyond that, I'm not really sure what the point is.

There's definitely merit to the idea that society makes jobhunting a mercilessly exclusionary and degrading process, and there's certainly something to be said of youths who are enabled to resign themselves to unemployment... the movie only seems to recognize these ideas rather than do anything with them though.

The transparent mockumentary premise also doesn't seem to serve us in any way beyond what I can only hazard to infer is a meta-joke about the fact that this is a shoe-string budget indie short film to begin with.

Dunno what kind of movie to make, so let's make a movie about making a movie, right?

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
I think the idea was to learn the logistics of filmmaking without going to film school. The only thing is that you learn from your mistakes and make another and another, etc.

The Job Hunt

It's a satisfying feeling making and completing a film. Getting in the process of forming scenes and forming a story. Nice work Daniel. My favorite parts were the heated moments, when some natural tension arises between Callum and the other characters. Not being able to figure out how to find a job is a more prevalent hardship than people like to admit. Even some of the other people in the film besides Callum, maybe they work part time yet still have their own struggles... As an aspiring filmmaker myself, the best thing people can do is give a watch and submit a few comments. I've been on both sides of that as far as getting responses and then other times not as much. Regardless, I know it feels awesome to go out there and do something like this. Good luck with whatever's next Daniel

I think the idea was to learn the logistics of filmmaking without going to film school. The only thing is that you learn from your mistakes and make another and another, etc.
I talk to Dan personally a lot, and I've noticed he's been taking criticism like a champ. I don't feel he'll be too bothered by what Omni had to say, in fact I'm probably more bothered because I feel like Omni is really needlessly nitpicking the debut short film of someone with obvious talent.

I told Dan this privately, but my favorite thing about the film and it's making is his ambition going into it. Here's a 21 year old kid - a number of years before most directors get going - setting out to make a short film he wrote and directed as professionally as he could. Okay, that's fine by itself, but the great thing is Dan f*cking did it. I can only speak for myself, but as someone who wants to do the same thing, I admire that greatly. He has me beat by a few years.

Tarantino had a short film that he worked on before Reservoir Dogs, and you know what?


I don't want to put Dan on that kind of pedestal, but I think The Job Hunt shows a lot of promise. There are valid criticisms to be had, but there are plenty of moments that work, and in my opinion pretty damn well considering it's by a brand new director. My three favorite things about the film were the bit with the sister, Cuffe's performance, and the ending. Dan's got talent, that much is obvious, and I don't know how anyone can not see that.

Enjoyed it mate

Your brother was great. Liked how much he genuinely seemed like he didn't care/couldn't be bothered and how he often ended a scene with some smartarse remark. Don't know why but i was cracking up at his CV saying Work Experience: 1-week. 2012 Liked Jake too, i think his acting was a bit off at times but i imagine he is a really fun person to hang around with. I liked The Office vibe you were going for camera position wise, i think you were anyway. I know you didn't have enough time to explore it properly but i felt that was the sort of thing you were going for when you filmed Callum through something? giving money to your sister. Was really cool how you lingered on peoples reactions as well, i think your brother pulled that off well.

I also love how i'm so confused about how much of this is real or not, i'll quickly delete this comment if any of the things i've said negatively about your bro are real haha, i'm also not clear on if that was your mum and sister as well. You definitely nailed the documentary vibe.

Looking forward to Jakes Musical Sequel.