Server changes this weekend: possible downtime


Gotta switch some settings around, in theory should be fine but you never really know. Will try to make the changes late, either tonight or tomorrow night, but if the site is down late any of the next few nights, that's why.

Will post here again once done, naturally.

How many hours of downtime?

How many hours of downtime?
No idea, in theory none, but I'm not a server admin so there's a lot of guesswork.

That said, I was unable to get to this this weekend so it'll probably just be this week (or next weekend) instead.

Bump. Something related to this is likely happening tonight. In theory, should only be maybe 15 minutes of downtime, but theory and reality ain't ever exactly been similar.

You ready? You look ready.
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Okay, it's back.
But my withdrawal symptoms are so severe, I don't know if I'll be able to recover.

(Good thing I still have a "Detox Poncho" from J. Peterman!)