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Many said this Aussie group were our answer to the UK beat groups of the 60s. LL. This was their signiture tune.

A short time later came The Masters Apprentices.

Did anyone else have trouble accessing the song I last posted? (Spookie said he couldn't get it)

Song Is a romantic ballad on YouTube. called:
Thunderbolt's Goodbye by Josh Ritter . If no one else can hear it, I'll try posting it again. Thanks

( got to run now, I'll check in later)

Reposting, hope you can access this song now

Thanks. spookie. I ( and some others) call it 'Roots' music , also could be called folk and/or singer-songwriter music.

Hope others enjoy this lovely song .

( the Intro I wrote of what led me to post it is now a page or two back - and I'm afraid to edit it, after when happened to your cable car photo.)

'Roots ' here refers to the 'roots' of music - for instance Dylan listened to traditional folk songs ( or those who wrote in that tradition) to craft his early music.

Music like old-timey( similar to bluegrass) blues, country , zydeco, English ballads- all inspired songwriters from Donovan to Johnny Cash, Nancy Griffith to the Avett Brothers , etc.

I will continue to use the term and hope you can forget whatever x-rated connotation it may have in Oz in this case.

Btw 'The Masters Apprentices' - new name to me- seemed to have some inspiration in that type of music as well, even tho they seem more of a pop or lite rock band. Enjoyed the melody and the clanging acoustic guitar.

Finally, spookie, no need to ask me whether I like each song , tho I' ll try to get to as many as I can. - what I'd love to know is why YOU like each song. Of course, there's no grades system here on Song if the Day , but I'm hoping you ( and others) to be inspired by an event , memory, mood or even a dream that you're experiencing and post a song that fits your day.

It happened again! Walking past a construction site ( actually I think they were laying telephone wire or somethin) I got a guy call at me:
Hey, beautiful mommy! Yes, you baby! - I'd like to take you out sometime and......" ( I'll leave this part out for our g rated audience)

I wasn't even trying to look 'all that' - just wearing some slim 3/4 length slacks and a casual but form fitting v neck.

Leave it to a good ol' steamy American summer to bring out the animal instincts in some people. And all I can say is - if the temperature soars and I have to walk by that site again, I'll know what I'm dealin' with.......
so .... Forewarned is fore armed....and think I'll wear that outfit again.
- especially when it's this Hot Hot Hot:

You can't win an argument just by being right!
Having trouble replying to your pmm,LL. GReat to hear from you. That singer ie excelent. Thanks for postinng 👌🌷

A few comments for you spookie. I think I'd heard of Nick Cave but didn't know he was from Oz.The one thing that seems persistent in your tastes is that your selected singers - like Nick- all seem to have extremely good voices. As a person whose first muse is Dylan, I won't say that all my heroes can sing at the Sidney Opera house. But I wouldn't be surprised if most of yours ( like Gary Puckett ) could. Wonder if you sing or play an instrument.

Celtic Women , ironically, sang a version of the very first song I posted on this thread; Song for the Mira. And of course S&G defined the 'roots' sound of an earlier generation. Didn't see them both , alas, but did see Art in concert- a wonderful and gracious performer, of angelic voice.

I also love singer songwriters not as well known as S&G, but quite talented, and who are singing and playing in this traditional musical style; but writing in their own unique voice . Nothing but ripe succulent peaches, plums , berries, melons and tomatoes on my platter these days. Bursting with flavor and reminding me of our hardworking farmer recalls this song, written by a Canadian singer-songwriter I've seen many times in concert.

This song, in a bouncy waltz time, was written many years ago, but the resounding sentiment is still pertinent today in 'these days when everyone's taking so much, there's somebody giving back in."

I've been thinking of this song for a while. And this 20th century Canadian duo is not well known by most, but beloved by those who have heard their me, and a fellow named Johnny Cash, who liked them well enough to record itheir music himself.

I like this catchy, well written song which sounds like a mini movie set in a... well old time dance hall.

But what impresses me most is their fiddler, Ian Guenther, who lines this song, and the duo's singing, so sinuously and gracefully, it's as if he's become a third voice of harmony and counterpoint. If I'd ever have the chance to pick a 'famous' musician to back me up when I sing , playing as if he's an angel cleaving to the clouds, I'd pick Ian.

Today was a nice long day; in the afternoon met a friend, strolled along a local botanical garden and later wound up at a fishing pier. It seemed the whole world showed up to enjoy this summer day: families having a picnic ' lunch' , children gathering around an ice cream truck parked conveniently by the pier, fishermen talking about their catch ( and lack of such) , lazing on their chairs with poles leaning on the rail.

As the sun set slowly on the water, colors bloomed and shimmered on the sky, the clouds, the water. Cell phones and cameras came out to capture the display. As the light dimmed and blued, you could see the little boats passing by, leaving trails of pale foam in the indigo water, and then the lights from the homes across the water twinkling in the dusk.How could anyone feel anything but happy when surrounded by happy people enjoying this beautiful world?

This song is really from before ' my time' but I've heard this timeless classic by the Platters often on the radio. And I was thinking of it as 'heavenly shades of night were falling' at
Twilight Time.

A song for the season ( no matter where you live) -
When Fall Cones To New England by Cheryl Wheeler

I enjoy hearing a lot of different styles of music. And though I enjoy classical music, opera has never been high on my list. But today was just one of those energizing days. I met with a few folks who are thoughtful, artistic genuine and generous people. It was a pleasure to pass the time of day with them. And the day was just one of those autumn days that make you glad to be alive; , temperate and mild, the trees still lush but starting to rim with gold, purple asters bursting from the ground, and birds trilling from the high branches.

And since I was feeling inspired, when I got home I decided to post this quite renowned aria-- because with a day like this and a song like this:

How can you not feel exalted?

Heard this at a recent song circle I attended , and found this quite moving . It sounds like a Celtic folk song, but the words were by the poet William Butler Yeats. He attributed it to an old peasant woman he heard, who used to sing to herself in the county Sligo. At any rate this touching ballad - about love and youth and time- has now acquired a life of its own; and has been recorded by many singers, from Marianne Faithful to the Clancy Brothers.
This version I found on YouTube is the one I like best: