Stunning 1968 war movie


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Question to war movie buffs. In 1968 I was a student at an Australian agricultural college. We used to get movies a few months after the theatres. I and my peers (all facing conscription for the Vietnam/American War) we were moved to silence by a singularly stunning movie the name of which I’ve forgotten.
It was set in Europe with a small group of Allied special forces troops in a patrol. The movie was totally silent……no dialogue as the troops moved carefully and silently (hand signals only with occasional narration) through the European landscape reconnoitering a huge chateau and beautiful gardens occupied by hidden German troops.
The occasional action was sudden and brutal. It included a wounded German soldier, screaming in an otherwise silent garden, as he held in his entrails. The patrol leader has to act on this as the screaming was unnerving his patrol members…and there was humanity as well. He crawled forward and despatched him with a knife….flashes inserted of the German soldiers wife and children.
Gradually his men are killed off in various ways….until finally the patrol leader is the only one left. I remember the movie ends with him within reach of safety of his own lines but the movie leaves you believing he died…
It was such a powerful movie, but I can’t remember the name, actors, Director etc. can anyone help?

WW2 chateau/castle movie suggests:

Where Eagles Dare 1968 - starred Richard Burton & Clint Eastwood so I'm thinking Australians would recognize one of those two

The Dirty Dozen 1967 - when they were infiltrating the chateau, they were mostly silent - 3 of them lived

Castle Keep; 1969 - this one had the Germans attacking the Americans in a castle - I haven't see this one

American patrol in WW2 could be the TV show, Combat!, but the screaming/entrails would be too graphic for American TV.