Hi. A TV show or Movie where someone a character says Sweet. A lot?


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My question. I was playing a video game the other day called Wario's Woods. It's like a puzzle game like Tetris. Well everytime you win the game the Character says Sweet. Like real loud and in a very corny way. It really screams late 1980s homage.

Well I feel like I have watched a lot of TV shows. And I feel like I have seen a lot of movies. Can anyone tell me if there was a show that a character or a bunch of characters said, Sweet. Like all the time. To the point where it just became some ridiculous annoying deal that you just had to either like (thereby liking the show) or get used to it, either to make fun of it or because you like seeing cultural cues.

To me it seems like there was. Just like Steve Erkel in Family Matters always liked to say Cheese.
Who said "Sweet." Like that's Sweet. From the 1980s. Was it Charles in Charge? Fast time at Ridgemont High. Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield?? My mind is drawing blanks. But I know that that was a big time popular saying in the 1980s. And that it straggled on into the 90s some.

No biggie. I just was curious. I feel like Sweet was maybe a Scott Baio thing. But I can't remember and I haven't been able to watch any reruns of Charles in Charge. And to be honest I wasn't the hugest fan of that show. I don't want to torture myself watching some show just to hear that word. If anyone knows some show that was really known for saying sweet. Kinda like how on Happy Days they would say, Yowser.
But in the 1980s I thought it was Sweet. Trust me I am not trying to extend the life of the Roundworm. It's definitely not as charming as hear's looking at you kid. I am glad that Sweet is gone. But oh well.
Would still like to know a show they say it a lot for some laughs.

Dude, Where's My Car?, perhaps?

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Thanks. Well that works. I was thinking there was some show like Small Wonder or anything. I guess that works. Dude where's my car. Man it's been literally a hundred years since I have seen that movie. I know it kind of appears like the human race is devolving. Years of beaurocracies and shock treatment. I am a handler of no more pumas or cougars or kids into techno. In association with years of Super Mario. Now it is going to be Order of Death documentaries. I am kind of scratching my head. Wario's Woods came out in 1994 about six years before Dude Where's my Car. And definitely before Finding Nemo. It has to be some moniker of some social cue. I feel like I missed out on something. I know Alf said sweet a few times on that show. But that wasn't what the whole show was. It definitely wasn't something from earlier than the eighties. I think before it was Far Out. Or Psychadellic.
Bill and Ted it is Totally Heinous. Wayne's World I don't know. I haven't seen that in a hundred years either. Like Tinkerbell right. Well Tinkerbell never said anything, she was like whipped by some slave master Klaus Barbie that told her to constantly shut up. Oh yeah, Beavis and Butthead. It was, "Woah that was Cool." Well I am drawing blanks on sweet. Far Out. Metamorphisized to Sweet.
Is the movie Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield worth seeing? Are there any funny cultural abomination verbisms in that. It's a culture or an occulture.

We're an ABC affiliate, says Thor Thompson
A note from Wallace himself, says Thor Thompson. Yeah big whoop. It is all about Dude where is my Car. Dude where is the Noose. Dude why is Jerry Jones still the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Dana Carvey. Well aren't we just special. Ha.I am trying to pierce through the armor of the 1980s and people who think that decade was like the Dead Sea Scrolls. I just changed my tune on the 1980s recently. Think like a Nicotine'd out roadrunner. Deep thoughts with Jack Handy.

Roger Wilco. I would like to know that one too. I was actually in the sixties, says Stephen Leeb. The kids were showing my how they dance to Techno music, says Charles Gasperino. Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears. I don't know. New York times Sunday Review has Ronald Reagan's face in some weird art look. Like a big Smiley Face.
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Definitely put that Dude Where's my Car in a paper bag. It is a brown bagger. The Rugrats movie was good. But made about two years too late. Seems the strategy is drones overhead, says Clayton Morris. Sweet. America was on the Gold standard, says Jim Rickards. Well today we are on the non sweet standard. Instead of Buck Rogers in 1988 we get Keesha Rogers. Too many people. Too many people eating their wheaties for the totally wrong cause. Sweet has now been retired to the Werner Wildlife Museum.