Movies you couldn't even finish.


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I never walk out of movies at the movie theatre but I did fall asleep when watching the Man in the Iron Mask...that was just horrible. We rented a B-movie one time called Axem' and we watched only five minutes of it before turning it off. It was really terrible!
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eraser head. im not really a squimish person...i normally look away and wait for the horror to go away if its that bad but this film touched a was my fear of babies i think that did it. jsut the fact that this baby was so kind of mutant freak and the sound it made was soooooo horrible. i couldnt stand that sound. even when you close your eyes the sound is still there haunting you and all these images of this mutant freak baby are popping into your head. i couldnt look at babies for a while after that without wanting to run away screaming. i think i watched half that film then i had to turn it off. yuk yuk yuk.
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I've been meaning to watch that for a while. . . .

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Well I've never walked out on a movie before, but just watching them probably Gods and Generals and The Two Towers we're the two toughest for me to fully get through. Partly due to their length as well. Liar, Liar was very painful as well to sit through, and of course The Santa Claus
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gili, i think thats how you spell it, i could not finish it at all, it was so stuped, the story line, the plot, the whole idea

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It actually had a plot? I refuse to watch that movie, along with Maid in Manhatten.

Well I just recently rented "House of the Dead"...this is the worste movie ever.Bad acting,Bad directing,Bad cinematography,Horrible plot and story telling...And I LOVED EVER FRAME OF IT.just goes to prove that with the right people and the right drink any movie can be fun (except for charlies angels 2).

1. City of the walking dead-don't even get near this movie. It's so horrible, let's not even discuss it. ::gags::
2. Godzilla (new one)- A total brainbuster.
3. Inspector Gadget-I own it. Watched the first ten minutes of it and never watched it again. LOL
4. The psycho remake- It's obvious why
5. Terminator 3- One of the biggest dissapointments in studio blockbuster history.
6. Day of the Dead- I couldn't watch it all the way through at first not because it was bad but because it was just so damn violent.
7. Gangs of Newyork- Good movie. Really good documentary of the times but just too damn long for one sitting.
8. Troy- What an inacurate, dimwitted, boring, CGI piece of dirt. And it was a long movie too, i hear.

There's probably more. I just can't think of them now.

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I'm probably gonna get a bashing for saying this but ...Jay and Silent Bob strike back. Those guys were good in small doses but i couldn't take a movie devoted to them... just to damned annoying!
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Honey for Oshun (2001)
I saw this late at night and fell asleep halfway through. From what I had seen, I had no desire to try and finish it the next day.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)
After seeing major disappointments like View from the Top and Alex and Emma, I couldn't bring myself to finish watching this. It (and the other two) made French Kiss look like a classic.

Originally Posted by Nitro_69
Well I just recently rented "House of the Dead"...this is the worst movie ever.Bad acting,Bad directing,Bad cinematography,Horrible plot and storytelling.
I agree with that. I received the House of the Dead workprint a couple of years ago, and I THOUGHT it was going to be some interesting spookfest. I watched it for about 30 minutes and I took out the DVD. I just couldn't take it.

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I had to get out of there. Luckily, they was a midnight showing of Die Hard across the hall.
Shame Shame.

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Eyes Wide Shut...........kept dozing off. Also fell asleep during Coyote Ugly.
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any movie I start watching after 10 pm while lying on the coach, I always fall asleep, but the only movie I can think of that I stopped watching because it sucked was Stewart Saves His Family

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Groundhog Day
This is a movie my husband LOVES. I've tried to watch it three times with him and each time I'll fallen asleep. I do stay up a little longer each maybe one day I'll acually see it to the end.

Kill Bill WAs absolutely awful i cant believe people actually liked it. And yes i "understood" it.

I make it a rule never to walk out on movies. It's a streak that I must not brake. Also I can't let the movie win.
I did come close however with the movies "POPCORN" and "HARDWARE".

As for video, there is only one that I did not finish. It's kind of an unknown low budget movie. I think it's called "BRAVEHEART".
Actually, I'll probably end up seeing it sometime since I never really gave it a chance and shut it off after the first 20 minutes.

Originally Posted by Loner
Eyes Wide Shut, absolutely hated this film.

That movie rates right up there with the snoozers. I got kind of sucked into watching it on opening night cause of all the hype. I remember watching it and thinking to myself, "The pace just has to pick up". I thought this about every 15 minutes and you know what?

It never did.

I could not finish watching Terminator 3
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