Upcoming Movies on TV Thread


The Duellists, Film4 +1, NOW
Doctor Jekyll And Sister Hyde, horror channel, 9pm
Inside Man, ITV4, 10pm
A Kind Of Loving, True Movies 2, 11pm
Runaway, Sony Movies, 11:05pm
Romper Stomper, TCM, 12:50am
The Talented Mr. Ripley, Film4, 1am
Love The Talented Mr. Ripley, despite the presence of Gwyneth Paltrow.

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I love A Child is Waiting...Garland is wonderful.
Yeah, I think it's her best performance (not that I've seen too much of her)... You really feel her emotions, and she is almost as troubled; she's troubled. And by singling out one boy she has an emotional tie with, The doctor (Lancaster) says the other kids feel that neglect.

Maybe she identifies with him, neglect, since she goes against the rules by contacting his parents. In the beginning, she has no family, friends, a drifter.

I think Lancaster was really good as well.

Quadrophenia, ITV4, 10:30pm
The Bling Ring, Film4, 9pm
Blue Steel, horror channel, 9pm
Heat, Film4, 10:45pm
Ginger Snaps, horror channel, 11pm
5-time MoFo Award winner.

The Act Of Killing, Sky Atlantic, 9:35pm
Sleepy Hollow, E4+1, 10pm
21 Jump Street, 5*, 10pm
In The Line Of Fire, Watch, 10pm
The Raven, Film4, 11:10pm
Withnail & I, channel 4, 12:20am
Ray, ITV3, 12:35am

Universal Soldier, Spike, 9pm
Basket Case, horror channel, 9pm
Himmler: The Decent One, BBC4, 9pm
Unforgiven, Channel 5, 11pm
Stripes, Film4, 11:10pm

Please Quote/Tag Or I'll Miss Your Responses
10:15pm ET
"The Miracle Worker"

I saw this in high school and liked it. Won't be watching, but thought some of you may want to watch or DVR.

Legally Blonde, channel 5, 7:10pm
National Lampoon's Vacation, ITV4, 9:45pm
Monsters, Film4, 11:10pm
Donnie Darko, horror channel, 9pm
Sudden Impact, TCM, 10pm
Zombie Flesh Eaters, horror channel, 11:10pm
The Color Purple, ITV3, 11:10pm
Django, movies4men, 12:30am
20,000 Days On Earth, Film4, 1am (It's a Nick Cave documentary for those who might be interested)
Runaway. Sony Movies, 1:15am
The Odessa File, Sony Movies, 3:20am

For people in Britain, they having a "Talking Pictures" showing based on Alfred Hitchock on Saturday around midday, followed by Vertigo. Both on BBC One

The American, Film4, 9pm
The Deep, Sony Movies, 10:55pm
To The Devil A Daughter, horror channel, 10:55pm
The Birds, Film4, 11:05pm
Lost Highway, Syfy, 11:10pm
The Lair Of The White Worm, horror channel, 2:40am

21 Jump Street, ITV2, 9pm
Gothika, Sony Movies, 9pm
The Craft, Sony Movies, 11:05pm
Margin Call, BBC1, 11:15pm
St. Elmo's Fire, TCM, 12:25am
Fear In The Night, horror channel, 12:50am
The King Of Comedy, Film4, 1:25am