French movie with 'Patience' necklace that breaks?


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A long time ago I saw a French movie about a couple who had to separate for studies and had different problems, and he gives her a necklace that says patience but she breaks it being with someone else, do you know the name of the movie? :enojado:

What does "I want to know your name" have to do with the movie?

And what is a long time ago for you?
Just guessing... perhaps the OP meant they want to know the movie's name?

My name, btw, is Captain Steel, but on this site you can call me Mr. Steel... or, if you're feeling a bit more daring... "Oh Captain, my Captain."

P.S. for me, a long time ago is when telephones had a mouthpiece with a cord... and when you picked it up you just said, "Hello, operator?" (Of course, you'd have to listen first to make sure your neighbors weren't already using the party line.)