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A the near future society has been divided into two basic groups: valid (genetically engineered) and in-valid (natural conception). All the best high paying jobs go to the valid, while the in-valids are stuck on the lower end of the spectrum. Vincent, an in-valid, wants to join the space program and with the help of a troubled genetically engineered athlete.

Gattaca came and went without much fanfare. Critics seemed to like it, but most audiences didn't turn up to see a slow sci-fi film with no real big name actors in it. Those who did see it liked it enough, but I think it took the better half of a decade before it garnered any real discussion.

Marking the arrival of a unique voice in Andrew Niccol, Gattaca finds itself somewhat ahead of it's time. Niccol would go on to helm the excellent Lord of War and what I think is somewhat underrated In Time before going downward with the YA adaptation The Host, a war film no one saw Good Kill and his most recent entry, a sci-fi Netflix flick Anon.

Hawke is still in his pretty boy phase, but he always seemed to choose more interesting scripts than ones that would showcase his "good-looks". I always liked him and I think it's great that he has really found his groove in genre flicks and character driven dramas. He's only gotten better with age. He fell in love with Uma Thurman during this movie and they had their daughter Mia as a result.

The set design has a coldness to it, which reflects in the presentation of the film as a whole. Something a simple as a winding staircase looks like a DNA helix. It is meticulously design, the art design and costumes are both specific and serve the film perfectly.

Gattaca is a great nomination for this HoF.
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Suspect's Reviews

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28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
Turbo Kid

What if Mad Max had bikes instead of cars? Well, Turbo Kid kind of answers this question.

Originally a short film submitted to the ABC's of Death...T its for Turbo was the title. It was later expanded into this Canadian/Kiwi feature that pays a loving homage to 80's awesomeness and horrific gore to the point of comedic hilarity.

Turbo Kid is awesome. It's rough around the edges and you can clearly tell they had very little budget, but it's a lot of fun. It terms of FUN with the HoF, I'd put Turbo Kid right behind my entry, Attack the Block.

Apple is a loveable character, clearly my favourite as she always has a positive attitude. No matter what, she could be facing death and still have a smile on her face. Ironside hams it up, he knows what kind of picture he's in and still manages to have fun. It's the perfect Midnight Madness type flick.

While I don't expect it to place high for this particular HoF, I had a lot of fun watching it. I was told about it a long time ago from a friend of mine and have been meaning to watch it ever since. This HoF gave me that final push. So thanks!!

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
Attack the Block

When I first saw dis film, I 'ad a hard time earin' dem chavs talk ya? Belief Bruv.

But that did not hinder my enjoyment of the flick. A little research and yeah....these "chavs" talk like that. A second viewing helped my really appreciate the film and my wife and I continue to this day will tell the other person to Belief Bruv when we tell a story and they other asks "really?".

I knew nominating this film had a few obstacles ahead of it. The language, the unlikable bunch of characters, the hit or miss comedy. But the package as a whole is worth watching. I sad to see a rating of
as the film deserves at least a popcorn and a half more than that.

The alien creature design I think is really unique. Total blackness that you can only really see the outline of their fur. Then you have the creepy neon green style teeth to generate a sense of fear. Really well done.

Great atmosphere and direction. Cornish splits up our characters and gives us enough time with each for their own little story/obstacles to overcome. I'm really surprised Cornish's career hasn't taken off since this film. He's done one more movie recently and I don't know anyone that's seen it. The guy has some talent, let's get him some movies.

Attack the Block was a movie I never expected to place high, it was a movie I wanted people to watch so they could enjoy themselves. It seems it's done that for some at least.

Nice reviews Suspect!

I can't look into it right now since I'm trying to get ready for work, but when I get home later I can find a copy with hard subs and e-mail it you.
I sent him a link last night.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
Timecrimes anyone?
sent you one in comments

DOH, didn't see CR's post. Now he has two
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DOH, didn't see CR's post. Now he has two
I think he ended up with three. I e-mailed him a file, and you and Citizen send him links.

At least he has plenty of options now haha.

I think he ended up with three. I e-mailed him a file, and you and Citizen send him links.

At least he has plenty of options now haha.
Do you and Ed know if he got your emails? Sometimes his inbox is full.

Do you and Ed know if he got your emails? Sometimes his inbox is full.
I sent an actual e-mail with the file attached via google drive. He sent me a PM here saying it works, so it's all good.

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'Timecrimes' (2007)

My own nomination - so obviously I think alot of it. I can understand alot of the criticism of it being a bit lacklustre - as it is set in one location really and doesn't have any big sprawling epic Sci Fi scenes.

But what it does have is imagination and mystery. The first time I saw it I was blown away by it, because I was on the edge of my seat wondering how, who, and what on earth! That is why I love this film - because it keeps you guessing and makes the viewer want to know more at every stage. It's low budget and modest, but it really struck a chord with me - plus I love time travel movies. It's right up there in the top 10 time travel movies of all time for me. Will feature high up my list for this HoF if perhaps not #1.


Obviously I loved that beginning with the binoculars as we start to ask all the questions about what exactly is going on. Kind of like a Rear Window/Disturbia moment and of course I love both of those films. The time travel stuff in itself had me utmost curious about what events were transpiring and also what events were about to partake right before our eyes. I was pretty interested in how it was all playing out for sure. I think it was a pretty original route that the film took with its plot.

The film technically isn't all that sound or superior but it does enough to be effective. The acting is ok enough to slide by. Like I said the film uses it's time travel sequences to immerse us into being attached to the film. Overall the concepts carried the film to be a fairly respectable one and definitely kept my interest through it.


movies can be okay...
Déjà Vu (2006) by Tony Scott

The most interesting thing about this movie is that it came from the same director of The Hunger, a stylised, atmospheric, and kind of out-there film. So to realise that Scott's style has changed as significantly as it did was for me quite a bummer. With all of that being said, and although I much prefer the director's debut feature, Déja Vu is still a fun watch regardless.

I'm not even gonna get into the elements that bring the film down, since that would only make me feel like I'm just recycling words and statements I've already mentioned before. So, to keep it short, I'm just gonna say that the movie is the usual, safe and cheesy Hollywood action flick. At least in this case, the story is captivating and engaging enough, to not make me feel completely disinterested all the way throughout. Sure, I didn't care about any of the characters, but I was however interested in where the story's heading.

One cliched aspect that I gotta mention is the sudden romance near the end of the movie. Not only did it particularity bother me more than the rest of the foolishness, but it also seems like it wasn't as much of a problem to the rest of the viewers, and I've even seen it being brought up as a positive for the movie. I was honestly baffled when Denzel straight up went in for the kiss. I was like y'all don't even know each other!
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