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Grease 2

Well, I've never seen Grease so seeing the sequel probably wasn't the way to go, but I am willing to bet continuity isn't an issue.

It's a musical, and a comedy. I didn't really find it very funny, and I didn't particularly enjoy the songs. "Reproduction" was tough to get through..but "Who's that Guy" at least had some groove to it. In fact, the groove in the music was very disco 80's, at least with the bass playing. Kind of a Rocky Horror Picture Show music vibe when it ran on stage in the early 80's. That syncopated thing with the bass and kick drum.It's not all out disco, of course. But I could sense the style and era pretty easily, masking as early 1960's, and it wasn't authentic in that sense.

Anyway, getting way off track. I noticed a bunch of familiar faces. Adrien Zmed from Bachelor Party, Michelle Pfeifer (ah, so HOT!!!),Joe Piscopo,..I could go on. Tons of ppl I am aware of and have often enjoyed in other films.

I guess this wasn't really my thing. I definitely like the idea of what this movie is. It's a fun kind of movie, and a campy movie, and a relax, unwind, and unplug kind of movie. The only culprit would be the actual songwriting. I didn't care for it very much.

Will I revisit this on blu ray sometime down the line?



Because it's hard for me to watch a musical like this when I've had a 55hr week from hell working with half assers, and that's just the truth. These kinds of thing affect my state of mind. And as a few of you may or may not know, I'm all about second chances and rewatches for different perspective.

Plus, I really crammed this at the last minute. I literally just finished it after work, on my supposed day off!

@Citizen won't be my least favorite, and I still absolutely trust your judgment, regardless of my less than stellar viewing of Grease 2.

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I have all the voting list, thanks for sending them!....I calculated the points and then sent the results to @MovieGal. So whenever she has time she'll do the reveal of the movie results.

I forgot to drop a review of my own nom in this so, here it is for quick reference. Thanks @Movie Gal and @Citizen Rules!

Three O'Clock High
Director: Phil Joanou

Long time Coen bros DP Barry Sonnenfeld helms the camera and lighting in this ultra stylish teenage comedy picture directed by a budding Phil Janou (State of Grace).

Music is by Tangerine Dream, and things definitely harken back to Risky Business not only with some very similar musical themes, but with some very overt stylistic movements on display.

Three O' Clock High is essentially an art action film set in the teen comedy universe. The insert shots and coverage are meticulously and frantically paced in editing providing a very rich sense of the self aware film making. The camera movements are fluid and dramatic, the framing and composition are among the top tier of anything coming out of this period of film. Sets, design, and wardrobe are all in check.

So taking all of this into account, now we have the luxury of being treated to a funny film. The scenes play out loomy and dramatic, but inside this dark comedy is a lot of very well placed comedic shticks that always hit their marks.

A high school nerd is assigned to write a welcome to campus piece on a reputed psychotic bully. When this nerd confronts the bully in the boy's room urinal, trying to break the ice, things accidentally go south and the bully challenges the nerd to a fight after school.

That's the basic premise. And what a world is created around that!

This is the kind of movie where it sets up the basis of the story very early on and then just continues to dazzle with its inventive story telling. As much as I doubt this is any kind of award winning film - it really doesn't aim for that. I'd say that a movie like this just does what it does - and does it extremely well.

It combines all of the elements of a teenage comedy and puts spins on it. The best thing about Three O'Clock High is that it delivers the goods. It doesn't take short cuts. I've read criticism that it mocks it's own morale by ultimately giving into a fight scene at the end, but I disagree. I believe the point of the film is that sometimes you have to fight, especially when you have no choice, which is exactly what our lead has in this film: he has absolutely zero choice.

It's a fun movie and doesn't require a lot of brain work. All of the visual flair is like being catered to at an upscale restaurant. Also, this film doesn't rely on sex and drugs to be the "hook". It uses well timed physical comedy and some zany performances to sell itself. The villain of the film is perfect, and when moments of darkness hit on that visceral gut level - you feel them. I actually welled up with tears once or twice because the film making is so powerful.

But most people would just scoff at a movie like this because they would try to apply the same logic to reviewing a film like this to say - a Christopher Nolan movie or something, so ...I can't force anyone to think different, but I would highly recommend this film to anyone who "gets it", and wants to either check out a real gem passed over, or reinspect a film from their youth. You won't be disappointed.

I also highly suggest watching this on a clean source such as blu ray. This may be one of the best meat and potatoes high school films made that isn't trying to break new dramatic ground.

Goddess of Winter and Cold Hearts
The first post is updated with results.

@Citizen Rules @Joel @edarsenal @Siddon @TheUsualSuspect @ynwtf @gbgoodies
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Congrats to Ed! and Rhys! Two good movies for sure. Thanks to MovieGal for coming up with this neat idea for an HoF!

Final Results
1st Better Off Dead 62 points....Edarsenal
1st Say Anything 62 points....Rhys
2nd Three O' Clock High 54 points....Joel
3rd My Bodyguard 52 points....gbgoodies
4th Crossroads 46 points....ynwtf
5th Teen Wolf 37 points....TheUsualSuspect
6th Once Bitten 33 points....MovieGal
7th Akira 32 points....Siddon
8th Grease-2 27 points....Citizen Rules

Yes, my movie came in last

And here's how I voted

1 Grease 2
2 Three O'Clock High
3 Say Anything
4 Crossroads
5 My Bodyguard
6 Teen Wolf
7 Better off Dead
8 Once Bitten
9 Akira

This is what my voting looked like. Note that I didn't rate Akira or Grease 2 so low as to say they were crap movies, but rather how they fit into this HoF for me, personally, and the mood I anticipated by the premise of what I thought about this HoF exclusively to the title.

10 - Akira
9 - Lucas
8 - Grease 2
7 - Teen Wolf
6 - Once
5 - My Bodyguard
4 - Crossroads
3 - Say Anything
2 - Three O' Clock High
1 - Better off Dead

I just want to hug (your FACE)!
Thanks for the patience dealing with this newbie

1. Say Anything
2. Three O’Clock High
3. Better Off Dead
4. Crossroads
5. Stand By Me
6. My Bodyguard
7. Lucas
8. Akira
9. Teen Wolf
10. Once Bitten
11. Can’t Buy Me Love
12. Grease 2

I just want to hug (your FACE)!
Interesting, our top 4 comparison. Even top 5 once Stand By Me is cut from my list. I had a tough time with my top 3.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
And John Cusack take a DOUBLE WIN!! VERRRY NICE!!

definitely an out of the box Hall of Fame and truly enjoyed being it, thanks to all that participated and to our two great hosts -- THANK YOU!!!

here's my list:

1) Better Off Dead
2) Akira
3) Crossroads
4) Say Anything
5) Three O'Clock High
6) My Bodyguard
7) Once Bitten
8) Grease 2
9) Teen Wolf
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Happy to see my film choice come in at joint first. I love both of these Cusack films!
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