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I surprisingly liked this movie and everyone should watch, if you ignore all of the mature content this can be counted as a really good film!!! Hats of to Emma Stone, she has totally outdone her acting abilities in this film and I really enjoyed her role. The screenplay seemed really fresh and new, it's rare how I would actually enjoy a film like this since I totally avoided this film after seeing the trailer for it. In conclusion, this movie is really good and thanks to its broad appeal you guys should totally give this film a watch.

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Finally saw this, script was mostly good, funny, shot pretty well, but I hated the camera they used, or rather how they set it up; it made the foreground stand out way too much. I don't know if the director was a newbie and wanted it to look "professional" but it kinda takes me out of it in a few parts.

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I thought it was really good and realistic to what teens go thru in High School.
Very funny overall 10/10

I quite liked this movie. I thought the acting was good and I like how they got the balance of vulgar humour and a sensitive story line just right. 8/10

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Yeah I like the movie too. I like the concept of how it is done. I do motion graphics and I like how they did the name texts too.

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Amazing film. The script is woderful and thanks to the scriptwriter for such a wonderful, funny and humorous Easy A Quotes. I loved the characters, especially Emma Stone. I liked the way she is playing her role.

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I'd need at least three beers to get through it.
Verdict: This is still the best high school comedy since Mean Girls.

I like this movie! Especially when she is singing "I got a pocket of the sunshine"