Whats the weather like today where you live?


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nice we need some warm weather here
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Its in the 70's today (around 21c), sunny and a bit of wind. The nights are very cool.. like around 40's or so... (5c)
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84į today, not that humid with a nice lil breeze! Perfect day outside to get my mom out to doc..
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Just had a quick burst of snow here the left us with maybe half-an-inch. Not supposed to get above freezing here today, so it's probably going to stick for a while.

Windy... don't mind rain when there is no wind, don't mind snow and so on but I can't stand the wind. It's been windy for weeks here, enough that you can't use an umbrella without looking like an idiot. Thank you Abigail and Barnaby.

It feels VERY cold in Sheffield, England today and we have a weather warning for some severe winds.
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It was like being in Siberia last night, there was so much snow, but none of it seems to have settled. It's still absolutely freezing here in the North East of England though

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This has to be a sick joke by the anti-cupid. At about 5pm, I'm going to drive 75 miles to be with my girl, luckily I'm bringing my pajamas, bringing "Harry and Tonto", a ton of music, but I kinda help break our date a few weeks ago by saying I didn't wanna drive in the dark, which I can't stand, especially when there's a lot of miles where there are no lights. I hate driving period, especially now with so many people staring at their phones while driving. I also have to avoid the drunk drivers out. I'm just excited to see her, and going to make the time pass as quickly as possible.

Just looked out my window again, it's looking sooooo awful.

Of course it is, it's late November. It's rarely that warm in mid June. That said, this weekend is supposed to be a lot colder than it has been until now. My sister told me there was a little bit of snow in the air this morning.

I've always depended on the kindness of strangers
It was just 65 degrees here in Michigan (17 Celsius I believe) a few days ago... Why today out of all days? Tonight it's going to be 19 degrees, way below freezing