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Saturday Night Live


This sums up my impression of this skit and SNL in general now.

Alot better skit work on the internet these days. Shane Gillis or Dunnigan.
I came here to do two things, drink some beer and kick some ass, looks like we are almost outta beer - Dazed and Confused

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The only thing I still consistently like about SNL is the year-end bit where Jost and Che have to read jokes the other's written for them without seeing them first.

The thing that's genuinely perplexing is how often SNL skits these days literally explain why something is supposed to be funny.

Most skits, just by their nature, involve one character being kind of insane and a lot of people around them being aghast, but compared to the glory days it's amazing how much of the skit now is not only the other characters just reacting (often all bug-eyed and over the top), but those same characters explicitly telling the person why their behavior is insane or absurd. I really don't get it, it seems like an obvious comedy no-no, but it's become incredibly commonplace. It's like they don't trust the audience to know what's funny or why, so they simply tell them.

It's basically the same logic as the laugh track.