Which Actor Do You Identify "The Godfather" With?


Which Actor Do You Identify "The Godfather" With?
18 votes
Marlon Brando
5 votes
Al Pacino
1 votes
Robert De Niro
24 votes. You may not vote on this poll

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I only prefer it for the chronological view, plus it's an excuse to watch I & II together as one movie. Sometimes I like watching II without the flashbacks, so the saga puts it all in one steady timeline without interruptions.

I only watched the saga once (I rented it on VHS at the advice of a video store worker - so that shows how long ago that was). I enjoyed seeing both movies together as, at that point, I had never really saw both in their entirety, so it was an opportunity to see the whole thing with just one movie.

I got it for the deleted scenes, but it was cool to see it chronological, but Coppola seems to make one every few years (he won't make any good movies, though).. I can't believe I dished out so much money for something I only saw once. I don't even know where its at, but I should find it and sell it for whatever I can get for it.. I have way too much stuff here that I'll never touch again.

I can't believe I'm the only vote for De Niro