What actor/actress was in these TV Shows?


"Atlantic Crossing" + "How I Met Your Mother" + "Sex and the City" =
Kyle MacLachlan

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I don't recognize the first picture, but I think the other three pictures might be from the shows "The Doris Day Show", "Due South", and "The Mothers-In-Law".

But I don't know who the common actor is for these shows.
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2nd photo is Hawaiian Eye I suppose. That’s all I got.
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Paget Brewster
”Another Period” + ”Criminal Minds” + ”Grandfathered” + ”Andy Richter Controls the Universe” + ”Bojack Horseman” + ”Community” + ”Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law”

Paget was also a series regular on "Huff”, ”Love & Money”, and ”The Trouble with Normal”, had a six-episode arc on ”Friends”, has been one of the storytellers on ”Drunk History”, and lent her vocal talents to many other animated series including “The Venture Bros.”, “Dan vs.”, “Godzilla: The Series”, the newer version of ”DuckTales”, and ”American Dad!”.