Movies you have trouble watching


I have trouble with many Nazi-central movies. I typically can't stand war movies with so much hatred, hell, I haven't even seen the Human Condition trilogy. For nostalgic reasons, Moses movies are the exception.

Right now I'm watching The Great Dictator. Made me think of this. It's much easier to get through, but still.

I have trouble with rape in films, therefore the end of Irreversible is unwatchable for me. Makes films like A Clockwork Orange and I Spit on Your Grave immense challenges.

I'm not a fan of gross-out comedy. If there's anything scatalogical or any other unpleasant bodily functions in a movie, I probably won't watch it. I don't have a problem with blood, though, oddly enough.
Last Great Movie Seen
Witchfinder General (Reeves, 1968)

ᗢWanda Maximoff-Scarlet Witchᗢ
not enough fighting
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