Is there a genre for these movies?


The Rift, Below, Underwater and Deepstar Six. Maybe even The Abyss, but is there a term for underwater horror or is that it? I want to categorize them in this way but I don't want to make up a term.

You can call them whatever you want. And it would be a subgenre (no pun intended).

And you forgot Leviathan (1989).

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I do think that underwater horror/sci-fi is its own special subgenre.

And, actually, I almost consider Below more of a submarine-horror, which I realize is a very. VERY specific subgenre.

C-movies. I think Aquatic Horror Movies is what I'd call them if they are basically underwater monster movies.
Ah DeepStar Six... that was a VHS worth renting more than once...

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i think the term you want is 'Aquatic' that term can be used before the other genre types ie Horror, Action, Sci-Fi etc. Oh not seen DeepStar6 or Leviathian in many a year. Ill have to give them a watch again.
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