2011 Best Picture Oscar


What gets you MoFo vote for Oscar's 2011 Best Picture?
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And the nominees are...

Black Swan
The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right
The King's Speech
127 Hours
The Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter's Bone

If you had a vote, where would it go? What do you think was snubbed?
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I voted True Grit but knowing how the Academy votes these days and the crowd they try and appease to they'll probably give the award to Black Swan, Social Network or King's Speech.
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In my opinion, if they want to rebel, The Social Network will take it. If they want to go traditional and play it safe, The King's Speech will win.

I voted for Social Network.

Inception won't win because Nolan didn't grab the director nom.
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Of these I have currently seen two. My personal opinion would give it to Toy Story 3, which I'm pleasantly suprised to see nominated. I didn't find The Social Network all that wonderful, and have no idea how it even rated a nomination. Based on word of mouth, I actually voted for The King's Speech, but knowing Toy Story 3 will not win, due to it being animated, I don't really care.
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man how awesome would it be if Toy Story 3 won? i'll be rooting for Inception though...
but i'm thinkin the academy will go for King's Speech or Social Network, neither of which I have seen so i'm just going by "buzz". I would be happy with Black Swan winning too.


The Social Network will probably win and I haven't seen it but it honestly doesn't have a great oscar "lookout" as in I could see a lot of people thinking it was one of the worst winners in the years down the road.

I voted True Grit but knowing how the Academy votes these days and the crowd they try and appease to they'll probably give the award to Black Swan, Social Network or King's Speech.
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No need to beat around the bush, it's between Social Network and King's Speech but Social Network won everything from the critics so the King's Speech seems pretty obvious. Almost too obvious...

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I voted for Inception, but The King's speech will probably win.
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Out of the films nominated I think Black Swan should win, but The Social Network will win.
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Here's my ranking of the films-

1 Toy Story 3
2 127 Hours
3 Winterís Bone
4 The Social Network
5 The Kingís Speech
6 True Grit
7 Inception
8 The Kids Are All Right
9 Black Swan
10 The Fighter

I expect The Social Network will win. It'll be one of the better Best Picture winners.

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The Social Network has won a lot of awards but the Producers Guild gave it to The King's Speech. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean it will win, but it sure does make it a race.