war documentary


I remember a few years back seeing a trailer for this documentary about a camp located in the US that the military used to train soldiers who were going to iraq, it was a mock Iraqi town with actors playing the part of Iraqis, i remember thinking that it looked really cool and funny but i haven't heard of it coming out, it was a few years ago so i assume that it did. It cant remember the name of the documentary, it was sorta the same tipe of movie like "gunners palace".

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May it be The Dreams of Sparrows (2005)? Or About Baghdad (2004)?
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nope, none of those, it was a documentary but it had a comedic tone to it.

Full Battle Rattle
2008, Tony Gerber and Jesse Moss

Premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February of 2008, and was released on R1 DVD in September of 2009.

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