Is Lost in Space Series worth the watch?


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Is Lost in Space worth the watch?

Sure, go for it.

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Yes its pretty good. Give it a go.
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While this might not sound like a ringing endorsement, I watched and enjoyed the first two episodes. I haven't been back to it, but I'd definitely recommend giving it a spin.

Most definitely is worth watching. The production values are top notch. It looks ... expensive. I haven't seen this last season. I'm waiting to watch it with my family but we're scattered to the four winds. Soon though hopefully.

Finally watched the final season. Had to rewatch S2 because it had been so long we had forgotten a lot of it. It's definitely worth investing the time to watch though.

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Yes, I loved this series. The dialogue among the kids was so realistic and believable. The family dynamics hold up and seem plausible and realistic too. And great effects for a "TV show"!

And I definitely appreciate the fact that they properly ended the series and didn't lollygag around until it might have been canceled and ended on a cliffhanger or something. Plenty of good, solid closure at the end.

Highly recommended.