Movie about horses [Help]


Hi, i'm new in this forum. and i decide to start with a request for help.
Sorry if i'm doing wrong.

I don't remember much about this movie, that is about a man and his horse, but i do remember a scene where there are a group of men lining up bunch of horses preparing them to move some kind of a train. and there is a guy looking for his horse among the horses, and confront this group of bad men.

can someone help me to remember?

I'm not sure (new here too btw Hiiii ) but you might want to check out 'War Horse'? Might be what you're looking for

Is it a western, maybe a train robbery?
All secrets are safe with this man, because none are as deadly to him as his own. His secret is that he is Richard Kimble. (The Fugitive - Conspiracy of Silence)

maybe it's "Valdez il mezzosangue" by John Struges, starring Charles Bronson.