My Favorite Glenn Close Performances



Teddy Barnes, Jagged Edge

Close plays a former DA who left the prosecutor's office because she was tired of helping guilty people go free, who accepts a job defending a wealthy industrialist (Jeff Bridges) accused of murdering his wife. Though all the evidence points to his guilt, Teddy's judgement is clouded when she falls in love with her client.


Captain Monica Rawling, The Shield

Close was a real eye-opener when she joined the cast of this gritty FX series as a no-nonsense police captain during season 5.


Janet, In the Gloaming

Close was luminous in this 1997 TV-movie playing a woman whose close relationship with her son (Robert Sean Leonard) becomes even closer when she learns he is dying from AIDS.

I've never heard of In the Gloaming, but this sounds interesting, and I've liked Robert Sean Leonard ever since I saw him in Dead Poets Society.
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I see they're in pre-production for a remake of Sunset Boulevard. She's starring as Norma Desmond, which is pretty damn gutsy. Not for her, but for the decision to remake such a flawless classic.

I wonder if next they'll remake Vertigo?...

I did like Close a lot in Fatal Attraction.

You're aware this is the film version of the stage musical not a remake of the 1950 film, right?

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I wonder if her character Mona from The Simpsons will show up? No idea if you watch animated shows or not since I can't recall you ever talking about any, but it's a pretty memorable role.

I also hope to see The Wife on the list. Mindblowingly brilliant performance.