Rioting in the U.S.


The focus is on our country, and itís current issue of rampant racism. Mostly, and Iím not going to argue About this, from the racism towards minorities in general.
That's definitely the focus, I don't think anyone would argue that. My issue is the media being racist by turning incidents like George Floyd into racial incidents when there's zero evidence to support it. Also the societal acceptance of racism towards whites is being tolerated and even celebrated. I say it's all bad and we should be working together. Too much intolerance and judging going on.

Thanks, that explains why my google search didn't yield any breaking news and I did look too...

While I'm here, I will say it's easy for me to see how a cop in the situation these cops were in, could aim their gun as the suspect was shooting at them with the taser and then the suspect turns as they fire on him, thus hitting him in the back.

In addition to that, I believe it's police procedure to shoot a fleeing suspect who has fired at the cops. So if the shot was in the back or the front it doesn't matter. From what I understand of the incident, the cops were justified in shooting under the circumstances. Though they still should not have shot in today's hyperbola charged environment.

IMO the suspect in Atlanta killed himself.

The issue wasn't that he shot him rather he waited to give medical treatment and assaulted him after the shooting

The issue wasn't that he shot him rather he waited to give medical treatment and assaulted him after the shooting
That's interesting. I was not aware of anything like that.

Video is right there they beat him after they shot him (in the back)
I don't think where they shot him matters but I'm wondering why the kicks afterwards. Was he still alive and still fighting?

Video is right there they beat him after they shot him (in the back)
The cops' lawyers have spoken out on these issues.

Brosnan's lawyer said his client put his foot on Brook's hand immediately after the shooting when he reached Brooks for 1 second, to determine if Brooks had any other weapons, then Brosnan went to get first aid equipment.

Not sure if I have this correct, but one report said the DA had originally misrepresented this behavior on Brosnan's part, claiming Brosnan had sat on Brooks' shoulders (which he wouldn't have been able to do unless Brooks' was face down).

Rolfe's lawyer said the DA shows a still shot of Rolfe appearing to kick brooks - the shot shows the cop with a bent knee, like he's drawing his leg back. The lawyer said it was taken at the moment Rolfe bent his knee to kneel down at Brooks' side to administer medical aid (CPR).

The lawyers played a video that did not show the action, but had audio with one of the cops telling Brook's to keep breathing (still calling him "Mr. Brooks") and seemed to be reassuring him help was on the way. This audio seemed to suggest the cops were trying to render medical aid as they wouldn't be saying this while they were beating him or sitting on his body (unless, they were really sadistic types like Chauvin).

Make of all that what you will.

Thankfully the NASCAR noose incident turned out to be nothing. I was horrified by the thought that Bubba Wallace was targeted like that. I'm surprised it wasn't bigger news than it was.


The left liberals have control of social media too just like they monopolize the press . Not good news if you lean right .

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