Are there any movies about the making of 30s movies?


I like movies about the making of movie, but are there any about the making of movies in the 30s specifically? The only two I could find are Singin' in the Rain, and The Artist, but are there any others?

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The Last Tycoon. It's really terrible though, Ingrid Boulting ruins what could have been a decent movie.

Oh I remember seeing some of The Last Tycoon but not much of it. I'll check it out. Thanks!

It's not the 30's, but the 20's - Shadow of the Vampire. It's a darkly witty take on the making of the classic Nosferatu. When the movie was made, the actor behind the ghoulish makeup, Max Schrek, always appeared for shoots in character and in costume and makeup,,,,but what if he was a REAL vampire and not an actor?

The old version of Nosferatu is on my desert island list, so I could not miss this twist on "making of".

The Chaplin biopic with Robert Downey Jr touches on elements of this, and the transition from silent to talkies at one point. Another that fits the time period (but questionable value for any study of this) is Under the Rainbow.

Make Me a Star (1932)
and it's remake
Merton of the Movies (1947)
Both show a lot of the studios (Paramount & MGM) as the films are about a mid western 'bumpkin' who goes to Hollywood to become a star and ends up getting work as an extra in the movies. The majority of the film is about Merton and movie making.