Rest in peace, Joel Schumacher


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Underappreciated director. I love Phone Booth, Falling Down and 8MM. Even Batman Forever isn't so bad.

Great loss. This is sad

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I watched Falling Down recently and while I didnt love it, the atmosphere was great.

I'm a fan of Phonebooth, 8mm and of course The Lost Boys.

I feel that Schumacher made a lot of good movies, but he is often made fun as a hack all because of Batman & Robin. 8MM might be his best IMO.

I would lie if I said he made a lot of masterpieces, but I would also lie if I said he hadn’t made anything worth mentioning.

First off, while not good, the Batman flicks had charm (and tons of cheese) and as a child I really enjoyed them. At least he tried something different than just making the same old same old.

I find movies like Flatliners and Phone Booth fun films, while I actually really like Falling Down with Michael Douglas.

He’s been a name known to many in the industry even though he perhaps never directed a grand signature masterpiece.

It’s always sad to see a creative human being go. And he’s been suffering from cancer so I hope he got his peace.

I don't care what people think. Batman & Robin and Batman Forever are a part of my childhood f*cking love those movies to death. All Hail Nipple Batman.

I also really enjoy Phone Booth and The Lost Boys both are awesome in my opinion.

RIP Joel Schumacher
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Always loved The Client. And, as cheesy as it is, The Phantom of the Opera is fun to watch. RIP Joel. The world will miss your flamboyancy.

Made some really cool movies in the 80s and 90s. Rest in peace.

I always loved "The Lost Boys"--was one of many great movies that Joel made-RIP 8-//
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Missed this yesterday as internet was cut off for some hours, Falling Down and The Lost Boys would be my favourites of his.
Requiescat in pace Joel.
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