MoFo Fantasy Football 2009: Week 12


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Wow! What a crazy week so far in fantasy. I expected Baltimore to put up more points than they did, so I may have caught a break there. I expect several of us will be glued to the screen(s) tonight watching the big game(s)...
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Yeah, the Baltimore thing really hurt. Just 6-7 points would make a ton of difference.

You and I both had a bad week with subbing; you by sitting F. Jackson (though it was an understandable move, and Cartwright got you 9 or so), and me by playing Cotchery (2.2 points) and benching the SEA defense (15 points). If either of us do any of those things, the matchup is completely different. So it goes.

Ive won 2 in a row, and to tell you the truth it feels great. What a long disappointment this season has been, and so much work put into it. After all that fargin trading I might enjoy the finished product 2 maybe 3 weeks. Right now my team has a shot at getting high score of the week. LOL! I literally would beg everyone to let me have the roster I have now next year.

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Just figured out that I can't move positions around from fixed slots to the flex slot once players have played. Would've liked to put Meachem in since Bush just went inactive.

I give up.

I am ready for some football.

Oh, and Tater McSpudly is a big fat loser for not subbing in a Quarterback this week. Boo!
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

I think I have a shot at the playoffs.
One more week.

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I am half agony, half hope.
Getting closer....can't watch...gah!
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I am ready for some football.

Oh, and Tater McSpudly is a big fat loser for not subbing in a Quarterback this week. Boo!
I'm sure he feels bad. It is a bummer that it could very well end up determining a playoff spot, though. But we'll see how it shakes out.

In an unrelated story, Drew Brees is good at quarterbacking.

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Brees just absolutely dominated last night. As much as it hurt to watch, it was exciting seeing a team operate on a level like that, with the QB playing what was basically a perfect game.

Congrats Chris!

The bummer is that The Saints haven't lost a game, so there's a chance they may sit some of their starters during the fantasy playoffs...

We may all be competing here, but if a guy ends up losing the Super Bowl because his starters didn't play, it's going to be a big ol bummer all around, methinks...

Let's hope that doesn't happen.

By the by....even with Jackson in my line-up, it wouldn't have made a difference.

Thanks, Mike. Good game. Good chance we'll meet again. And yeah, Brees is something else. Haven't seen a guy operate on this level since, well, Tom Brady a few years ago.

I've definitely been fretting a little bit over the possibility of some of the Saints resting in Week 16, if I'm fortunate enough to make it that far again. Though if they're actually undefeated that late, I think they keep playing; I think they have to. I'm more worried about them sitting people if they're 14-1 or something. Even then, though, I think teams are too worried about rust to sit players before the last week of the season. With the Bye, it'd be a whopping three weeks. I picked up Vince Young for exactly that reason, though, just in case.