MoFo Fantasy Football 2009: Week 6


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I think thats a good call Badger. Im waffling awful on playing Eli Manning Vs the Saints or Brett Favre Vs Ravens.

Ravens are weak against the pass, strong against the run, but Baltimores gonna be sticking Favre like a crash test dummy because of that. Also will the Ravens lose 3 straight?

Mannings foot is better, but theyre gonna have to run the ball to keep Drew from having time with it. Plus the Saints are strong vs the pass.

Ravens pass defense is weak? I don't think so.

Both pass defenses are strong, but if I were you I'd play Eli Manning.

Judgment call on Baltimore's pass defense; it's ranked 26th, but sometimes those numbers are inflated by good run defenses, because teams abandon the run altogether.

Anyway, Favre/Manning is a really tough call. I'd probably go based on what the final word is on Manning and whether or not his injury is nagging at him at all.

26th? I honestly didn't know their pass defense was ranked so low. My mistake.

Manning looked perfectly fine last week and actually threw two touchdowns, I doubt his injury would bother him today.

Ive gone back n forth, but Eli's my play. He said he feels 90%, and Favres #'s might be decieving since hes never been pressured this year like he will today.

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I woulda picked Farve, but not by much. No reasoning really, just think he will score a bit more than Manning this week, of course we all know how well I have picked things this year.

Anyway goodluck to everyone except the Bearsn , looking forward to another fun Sunday of FF.

I think that's a really sound choice, TONGO. I think Manning seems well enough to go that way, and you make a good point about Favre and pressure. It's a very close call either way.

I notice that people have dropped two decent bye week TE replacements...after it's too late for me to use them to replace Witten. Thanks for nothing, guys.

Hey good luck Chris, should be fun. I'mma play Brady, Hasslebeck may have a better day but I just can't pull the trigger.
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Yeah, I dig. There comes a point where you've got to play the most talented players and let things fall where they may. I think it's got less to do with the decision, and more to do with the way we'd feel if we benched a starter and then saw them produce anyway.

Good luck! I really think you're gonna take this; too many good matchups to overcome. But I'd love to be wrong. Should be exciting.

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Tom Brady just threw his fifth touchdown and it isn't even the end of the half.

Good win, spud.

Looks like the standings are going to tighten up some.

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Huzzah! My team has scored their first win! Of course, there is still one more player for Hired Goons, but I think it's safe to go ahead and throw a ticker-tape parade.

Cigars all around!
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Yeah, I didn't stand much of a chance, as it turned out. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time, as PW racked up 216 points. I put up 149 or so, so I'm happy with my own team's performance, so whaddya gonna do? On the bright side, Drew Brees lit up the NFL's #1 pass defense, so I'm feeling pretty good about him going forward.

In case anyone's wondering, that 216 is a new league record by a fairly wide margin, and the combined ~365 points is a new league record, as well. I'm not gonna do the calculations necessary to find this out, as well, but I wouldn't be shocked if this were a new record for combined points among all teams, too. Six of the 14 teams topped 120 points, five topped 130, and four topped 140. And Seds figures to add to that with V. Jackson and K. Moreno going tonight. It's been one very crazy week.

Looks like, for the second week in a row, all the games are settled heading into Monday, as well. Big congrats to a few of ya'll: to PW for all of the above, to Spud for his first win, and to Slug for winning the MoFo Marriage Bowl 2009.