Looking for movies that use projections



I'm looking for movies (or music videos) that have scenes in them where they use projections on a wall or on characters of that movie.
I'm not looking for projections that simulate a background like they did in old movies, but scenes where they physically/literally use a projector.


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The Ipcress File had a scene with Michael Caine and projections on the wall. I can't remember if the projections are real or just denote the brainwashing Caine is undergoing.

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Talking Heads - Burning Down the House

In an early party scene in Singin' in the Rain, the host introduces his guests to the idea of "talking pictures" by projecting one on his wall screen.

I believe there's also a scene early in Adam's Rib where the main characters (Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn) show their guests a film of them horsing around at a country house. I couldn't find a clip to confirm this, though - it's possible that they were just showing slides.