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The Florida Project (2017)


I like movies about trashy people and this would certainly qualify. Not much here for a story, but more of an observation piece. I would not call it an emotional movie by any stretch, yet it left me with certain feelings. Willem Dafoe was good, but it's the other performances that stood out to me.

I like movies about trashy people and this would certainly qualify.
LOL. I do too.
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Annihilation (2018) -

I'm still not entirely sure what I just watched, or exactly how I feel about it. It's one of those movies that is going to take awhile to digest.

The film has some really interesting visuals and creative elements that I would've loved to see more of. It's definitely not for everyone though, since 3 or 4 people actually walked out of the screening.

I knew you would write some reply. I was thinking about you during watching the movie and I was sure you would gonna kill me
Sorry Cynema
It's got nothing to do with you finding it to be "overrated" (I'd take that to heart, in another thread.)

It's the fact that you labeled it as a "romantic comedy."
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Mars Attacks! - 7/10

Love the cast, love the idea. Tim Burton is a genius.

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Darkest Hour (2017)

Good-ish but not really good. I liked it more than I expected up until the point he goes to the underground and then it just drowns itself in cheese. Oldman's performance is good, the sort of larger than life, grandstanding, speeches and shouting at people type role.

The Shape of Water (2017)

Incredible film. Looks simply amazing. The lighting, the production design, the colours - all stunning. The story is absorbing, the characters are vivid and it has nearly everything I could ever want from a film. My only criticism would be that the relationship between Elisa and the creature could have been developed a bit more to be really convincing - I expected a bit more communication between them.

Black Panther(2018)
Amazing movie. Actors have performed their roles very well, In the movie as they trust and respect their king and the crown it is amazing. Soon they all might be a part of the Avengers with amazing skill and talent.

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That makes him sound like he has a choice – he either is a dwarf or he isn't .

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Kobiela on the beach (dir. A. Kondratiuk, 1963)

Short documentary polish movie with Czech sense of humour

No Way Out (1987, Roger Donaldson)

Flawed but enjoyable. The ending goes off the rails in a grotesquely unhinged way - it's ludicrous but yet perfect at the same time in its mocking depiction of the insanity of Cold War paranoia.