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The King and I
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Richard Beymer

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To be fair, you have to have a fairly high IQ to understand

anything but Zombies & vampires
I went and googled it by my count there were about 20 hollywood A list actors i could name and make it too easy, so i come up with

Red Buttons

But Not Slight of Mind or Tongue...
Agnes Moorehead

anything but Zombies & vampires
The Twilight Zone Movie

anything but Zombies & vampires
Who ya gunna call


anything but Zombies & vampires
Mel Brooks

OK, if I'm not mistaken, Mel directed the '68 film and wrote the screenplay and music for the '05 musical but doesn't appear in either film.
Research indicated that he was an actor in the movie. Apologies.

So, Blazing Saddles then.