Best Documentary about Directors/Actors/Movies


It was just recently released, but I highly recommend Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo.
Watched this last night, and was very impressed. Trejo himself is a fascinating study, and his story and fame is what made the documentary.

TBH I wasn't too impressed with the actual production itself. I shouldn't be too critical about that because I couldn't do something 1/10th as good as what Brett Harvey and Scott Dodds have done.

Since Trejo is a recovered alcoholic & addict, as well as a reformed criminal, it would have been more powerful to have somehow cinematized that. Naturally there is no footage of him wasted, or of performing robberies, but somehow the visual impact of that life should be shown.

Nevertheless it was an absorbing film, and had personal meaning for me. Trejo is certainly a great inspiration to people --especially young ones-- who are exposed to that danger and temptation, or who are locked in those clutches.