22nd Hall of Fame


Aw. I had hoped for higher. But even for its placement I have enjoyed yíall writing about Dronningen and mostly it seemed like you liked it in some shape of form. I tried to go with something a bit different at least.

I had it at 1, but honestly there was another film that almost pushed it to 2nd.

Joker was my 4.

I really enjoy the atmosphere and performance by Joaquin of course. Itís a little thin on plot but itís a fun and filthy world to disappear into.

The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
Joker was predictably too divise to be successful. But it was nice to read the reviews of everyone. Not often we have such recent films being nominated, so nice MV!

That's cool, but how long? an hour? I'll go back to work if it's going to be long.
Hopefully not that long. Iím heading to bed as soon as this is done. But if I have to wait an hour Iíll be sleeping.

The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
Was really expecting Dronningen to place a lot higher, like Top 5 at least. I guess it's between Matrix, I, Daniel Blake and Inglorious Basterds now.

First raul's too slow to start, then he's too fast haha.

I had Waco last at #11. My unfamiliarity with the original story and general disinterest in documentaries didn't do the film any favours. I didn't hate it, but I never want to watch it again.

State of Siege was just one spot above, at #10. There were parts of it I quite liked, but again not having any prior knowledge to what the film was actually about worked against it.

Shine was a film I enjoyed, but it ended up being #8 on my list because there were just too many films here I liked more.

Dronningen was my #5 and was among the hardest for me to rank since my 4-6 could probably go in any order.

Joker was another member of that group, and it ultimately went at #4.

Definitely some unexpected placings here. I'm guessing edarsenal was the other person to put Joker at #1?

My votes so far:

1. Joker
4. Shine
5. Dronningen
9. Waco: Rules of Engagement
10. State of Siege

I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
I'm not particularly surprised so far.

Top 6 guess:

6. Last Picture Show
5. Blue Ruin
4. Mildred Pierce
3. Inglorious Basterds
2. The Matrix
1. I, Daniel Blake