2019 Fantasy Baseball Trading Block


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Literally like five hours after accepting the trade:

I'm surprised that they're projecting he'll be back before the end of the season. Nathan Eovaldi had the same exact procedure done and was out for at least three months.

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IRL, the trade would be pulled. What is the official rule here?

I am fine with the trade being struck, for the record.
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The official rule is that it happened after I accepted and @rauldc14 (just in case he hadn't seen any of this) is under no obligation to withdraw it. And you guys are free to veto if you feel the bad timing merits such a recourse.

I'll abide by whatever happens naturally, of course. My bad luck isn't his fault. If it does get pulled, either by vote or through his beneficence, I'll happily renegotiate something similar-ish.

I honestly don't really know what to say about it. It's been a terrible year and maybe this is my big break to get into 11th place?

If people.want it withdrawed I'm ok with it.

Honestly, I dunno what's even fair in this scenario, but you're definitely not under any kind of ethical obligation and I'm not going to lobby for anything or be resentful, either.

As far as I'm concerned I just got hosed by some mind-bendingly bad luck.

Just saw this. Crazy timing. The ups and downs of this little marathon often lead me to increased drinking and prolonged crack use. Iits really a lot of fun tho innit?
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Quick reenactment of everyone seeing the latest trade:

Step 1: "oh, a trade."
Step 2: "WTF?"
Step 3 "Oh wow, Kepler. Had no idea. Fair enough."
I still feel like I'm taking a BIG chance. I mean this is Aaron Judge after all. If his power and at least his BA were same as before his oblique injury I would not be doing this.