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Comedy movie with only one scene that I can remember


I’m looking for a movie and I just remember a scene, I hope someone will know it.
I’m sorry but english is not my first language.

The scene that I remember is : two men (famous actors I think but I don’t remember their faces) go to see a woman in front of her house because one of them loves her. They try to get her attention but things turn bad. Something turns into a cross in fire then a swastika. They try to end the fire but a shoe fly through the neigbourgh’s window, a black man who says something like «*we won’t move out*» or «*we will stay*».
It’s a comedy. I know it’s very few details…

Many thanks for your help !

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Doesn't sound like a comedy!
What country was the movie set? What country was the movie made?
What time period does it take place in.
In the USA, we have an organization called the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) that puts burning crosses in front of people's houses.
I think what you are saying is, this is a comedy. Somehow completely by accident something that looks like a cross is set on fire. Then something else accidentally looks like a swastika. Then a shoe is accidentally thrown through a window. So completely by accident it looks like the KKK or similar right wing group has been doing things, but in fact that isn't what is happening.
Since race is a part of this, you will need to tell us the races of all the characters. You say the neighbor was black. What race were the two men, and what race was the woman they were meeting?

Thanks for your answer !
The movie is definitly a comedy. The two men are white and the woman also and jewish I think. I know that the cross in fire is a reference to the kkk, all the things that happened to be widly racists are on purpose to make the men look bad instead of a romantic gesture.
I remember the woman saying something like «*why do you put a swastika on fire below my window ?*». The men run out.
It’ an american movie.

Maybe "Keeping the Faith" (2000) ? Although I watched many years ago, so I'm not sure.
I'm looking for prison movie:

Thank you very much but it’s not this movie (By the way I liked it a lot )

I finally found it, it’s in fact in the TV show «*Earl*».

I finally found it, it’s in fact in the TV show «*Earl*».
That scene sounded vaguely familiar, but I wasn't able to track it down.

Which episode of Earl was that scene in?

I finally found it, it’s in fact in the TV show «*Earl*».
As in "My Name is Earl"?
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