Movie where wizard talks about beating the plague?


All I remember is someone saying something like "sit squarely between two roaring (might be raging) fires"
I think they were a wizard but not sure and I think they were talking about beating the plague (possibly the London Black Death)
Sorry its not much to go on.

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That’s similar to a Shakespeare quote from The Taming of the Shrew. No wizard though.
Is it possible you’re misremembering the line?

“where two raging fires meet together they do consume the thing that feeds their fury”

Yeah this kept coming up when I tried googling it but it's definitely not Shakespeare.
I've been trying to remember anything else but keep drawing a blank.

Could be a Shakespeare adaptation, like 10 things I hate about you being an adaptation of taming of the shrew? Maybe there's another that kept the line?

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It sounds like the sort of thing people really did to avoid the plague.

Maybe it was a documentary about the plague?

It's likely the writers of the film took inspiration from Pope Clement being told to sit between two fires.
I seem to remember the character saying this in the film was either a bit eccentric or very excitable.