Spy/CIA hollywood action movie. Character gets caught on Island.


This movie came out about 2015. The movie starts with the male protagonist getting an unknown woman accidentally involved, because they think he has been compromised and that she is part of what is happening.

she wants nothing to do with him and tries to turn him in. He tells her that, "they will put you in an unmarked car, tell you you are safe, and going to a safe place. However, they are actually going to kill you."

That occurs but he saves her before they can get too far. He eventually takes her to a small private island to lay low, but she calls her sister on a cell phone and causes him to get caught. They think she is a victim and release her to her sister or something, but she is on his side at that point. Then she goes and saves him by making him unconscious and using a boat to get away.

During the movie she is made unconscious a couple times and gets angry about losing the time.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."